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Coveting for Your Share on Super Bowl Commercial Pie in Shoe-Tightening Budget? Here’s how

Each year you have been tempting for the share of your small business on Super Bowl advertisement commercial pie but nothing concrete have happened so far except offering special discounts or packages to your customers or clients. You would have repeated the same strategy in Super Bowl XLVII as well. But how many years are to restate?

You may not have exact answers but it doesn’t mean just watch the game on television with your family or employees, in case you are work addict. You must enjoy the US National Football League but before that gain as much popularity for your small business as you can.
Who’s saying for extravagance of $ 4 million towards advertisement running cost on television? There could be some other ways to gain not less popularity during Super Sunday. In fact, ways could be numerous; just you need to start exploring them. Only factor that can provide you the share on Super Bowl Commercial Pie is creativity.

You can run creative campaigns on your website or social media platforms keeping in mind the Super Sunday audiences. There are several examples when tiny business owners have wondered, like the owner of a small furniture store online who posted the video of his music album on its website and beyond his expectations, this video managed thousands of page-views.

You too may post any humorous video with unmatched creativity and produced by a good ad production house. As said, the creativity is going to play the most important value here; spark with shock-value will manage great traffic, for sure.

There could be some other areas to grab attention like social cause, education, etc. beyond humorous one. You just need to ensure the creativity with shocking value. If it’s done, no one is there to prevent your advertisement to be highlighted by press and media as well which relies on uncommon happenings when it comes to the news value for the selection of news. Surprisingly, all these will be free of cost for your small business.

As per a recent survey done by Adweek recently, 37% of the Super Bowl audiences are commercial advertisement driven, who love to enjoy Super Sunday only for television ads. It is a head scratching fact and you should not leave it with sheer offering special discounts or offers.

Plan strategically for your target audiences, hire a good ad production house and ensure a creative copy for your advertisement. Once get done, employ all your online marketing goons to popularize it though social media, discussion forums, email or any possible mean.

All these tasks are not rocket science. In fact, you may get the creative videos and experts to buzz your campaigns very easily, but the important fact would be to stand with it, have faith in your task. Therte may be the risk involved of unexpected results, but if done with utmost will, result will pay for everything. This would be the best possible way to ensure the commercial pie share of Super Bowl until you are ready to spend $ 4 million, as per the current rates.

Biz2Credit Logo is a business writer and specializes in small businesses. He has been writing for SMEs since last six years. Rishi has completed his Post Graduation in Journalism & Mass Communication and preparing for his research (Ph.D) in small businesses from the media exposure perspective.