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Restaurant Loans

Restaurant Loans

Looking for loans to open or expand your restaurant?

Biz2Credit provides building loans, equipment loans, startup loans and working capital to the food service industry

Restaurant Financing Needs

Restaurant Business Financing Needs

Every restaurant needs working capital. Seasonal downturns and general decreases in disposable income can impact restaurant owners significantly. Meanwhile, staff must be paid, inventory must be purchased, and operational costs and insurance costs can mount. Biz2Credit can help provide working capital in the form of restaurant business loans, lines of credit, advance restaurant finance, and other forms of financing that can ease any cash crunch.

Biz2Credit has helped all types of food service companies, including franchise owners, home-based catering operations, diners, and ethnic restaurants secure working capital and keep their operations running smoothly during crunch times. Biz2Credit has arranged hundreds of loans for restaurants and our case managers are experts in securing business loans for restaurants, particularly new restaurant financing needs.

About.com, one of the largest publishers of expert-created content offered their top six steps to secure financing for a new restaurant in a recent post. The steps include:

  1. Choose a Restaurant Theme or Concept
  2. Select a Restaurant Location
  3. Create a Restaurant Business Plan
  4. Prepare for Your Bank Interview
  5. Find Investors for a New Restaurant
  6. Be Prepared to Sign on the Dotted Line
Working Capital

Working Capital

Restaurants rely on their staff to run efficiently. These employees include head chefs, sous chefs, waiters and waitresses, bartenders, managers, and other staff. From time to time, restaurants encounter cash flow issues. Biz2Credit offers a variety of restaurant business financing options, including restaurant loans, lines of credit, and cash advances, which can enable hospitality businesses to operate efficiently.



Restaurant startup funding and franchising funding are significant investments. Any aspiring restaurateur who has purchased or renovated a building or entered into a lease agreement knows that setting up a location is costly. Fortunately, Biz2Credit can help secure restaurant loans, including popular SBA loans for restaurants. There are many different restaurant start up financing and food service financing options available.

Biz2Credit matches restaurants, caterers, diners and other eateries:

Biz2Credit was ranked among Top Small Business Financing Resources of 2012 by Entrepreneur.com

For more information on getting business loans for restaurants or any other of your restaurant financing needs, please call and talk to a Biz2Credit case manager for more details at 800-200-5678 or email info@biz2credit.com