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We continue to make steady progress processing and funding PPP applications. Currently, Biz2Credit has posted the highest number of approved PPP loans with the SBA through our funding subsidiary. Yet, in an ongoing effort to mitigate fraud, the SBA is issuing a significant number of validation requests (also known as error codes) on a high volume of loan applications. Due to the level of effort required to resolve these SBA validation requests, we are prioritizing loans that have already been submitted. We want to alert anyone submitting loan applications now to anticipate processing times of 12-14 business days from date of submission.


The United States Congress passed the 2020 CARES Act in March 2020 which made up to $659 billion in loans available to small businesses impacted by Coronavirus in the Paycheck Protection Program. In December 2020, the government passed a second round of the Paycheck Protection Program that includes another $284.5 billion for new loans, split between first time (first draw) and second time (second draw) loans.

Loan forgiveness for these loans is available for businesses that meet the requirements of the Paycheck Protection Program and maintain or restore their payroll volumes to pre-crisis levels.

These loans are meant for businesses trying to maintain payroll levels. Companies are able to receive up to 2.5x their average monthly payroll amount (3.5x for restaurants and hotels taking a second draw loan). Businesses without employees are eligible for up to 2.5x their monthly personal salary capped at $8,333 per month.

For those who qualify, first draw loans can range up to $10 million and second draw loans can range up to $2 million. Applications must be submitted by March 31st.


Loans under the Paycheck Protection Program have unique documentation requirements that business owners must meet. Please be prepared to provide the following before you apply.

Businesses with Employees
  • IRS Form 940
  • IRS Form 941 (payroll)
  • Business Tax Returns
  • Payroll Summary Report
  • Entity Formation Documents
Contractors and other Businesses without Employees
  • Tax Return
  • Invoice, Bank Statement, or Other Records showing business was operating as of 2/15/2020
To Show Revenue Reduction for Second Draw Loans
  • Annual Tax Return (for full-year declines)
  • Bank Statements (for applicable quarters)
  • Quarterly Financial Statements

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Disclaimer: Your Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan application is subject to our Business Finance Terms and Conditions. Please note that your proposed PPP loan is also subject to SBA eligibility and other requirements including documentation and size requirements, and subject to the availability of PPP funds and overall demand for PPP funding. PPP loans are issued at the sole discretion of the lender and the SBA in accordance with their respective rules and other federal guidelines. Approved PPP loans are governed by definitive documentation of the lender, which incorporate PPP terms and conditions. Biz2Credit is not a lender.

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