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Two Truths and A Lie: Small Business Idea Edition

You wake up in the middle of the night to a thought.

As you lie there looking into the dark, this thought slowly morphs itself into a brilliant business idea. At that very moment, it sounds like the most legitimate and profitable business opportunity in the world.

A single idea can birth a new business. While it may be a very odd idea, your odd idea can produce a lucrative business. With access to web development and marketing services, search engine optimization (SEO), social media influencers, and word of mouth, small businesses can flourish with a unique business idea. In today’s world, there are all sorts of ideas that make money!

So there you are at 3 am, ready to set up your own business and become a full-time freelancer. Is it possible for your American dream to come true? Let’s see what other small business owners have done with their own profitable small business ideas.

The following business ideas may sound off-the-wall, but that’s ok! Many of them are successful businesses with quality business models in their own right.

Let’s play 2 truths and a lie, small business idea edition.

Question 1

You’ve got a friend’s birthday coming up. You want to get him something unusual. Something he would never expect you to buy him. Finally, you land on a couple of strange e-commerce websites.

One of these businesses is not a real small business. Which one is it?

a. Big Foot Finger Feet, a couple of vinyl Bigfoot feet puppets for your fingers

b. Lucky Break, a plastic wishbone that breaks like the real thing

c. TwoHorn, a high-quality shoehorn that lets you put on both shoes at once

Big Foot Finger Feet: Archie McPhee. The maker of funny gifts, toys, novelties, and weird stuff. They sell memorable, low-cost birthday gifts and stocking stuffers on their website as well as in their brick-and-mortar store in Seattle.

Wishbones: Lucky Break was invented so all could make a wish, whenever, wherever (even the vegetarians).

Question 2

Your YouTuber friend has just hit 1 million subscribers. It’s time to throw a party and rent out party services. Many popular rental services exist, but which one doesn’t?

a. Fury Fighters, fire ants to release on the haters

b. Mannequin Madness, mannequins of all genders and ages, enough to make your dream family

c. Rent-A-Chicken, egg-laying chickens that come with a coop, feed, and customer support

Mannequin Madness: Mannequin Madness, seller and renter of used mannequins from department stores. They even won an award from the Environmental Protection Agency for their services in adopting these unwanted individuals.

Rent-A-Chicken: Belbeck’s Family Farm, which allows customers to have a shorter-term commitment by renting out chickens with the benefit of fresh eggs. They even offer chicks to hatch for a hands-on learning experience.

Question 3

You are a part-time blogger who specializes in blogging about the far reaches of the internet. You are looking for a funny, prank snack to write about. Something to make your friends and family laugh.

Out of these options, which one does not exist?

a. Mac and Cheese Candy Canes, 5-1/4″ candy canes with a cheesy flavor

b. Potato Parcel, a customizable potato

c. Chesquik, Nesquik but with cheese instead of chocolate, so cheese milk.

Mac and Cheese Candy Canes: Archie McPhee again.

Potato Parcel: Potato Parcel. You can send in a picture or note and get that carved onto a personal potato. Send your friends or family members a customized potato from this online business.

Question 4

There are some interesting full-time jobs out there for goats and cats. In fact, some are widely profitable and in high demand. Which doesn’t exist?

a. The Something Store: You send them $10 and they send you something random

b. Cleaning Cats, cleaning services offered by cats that lick away your bacteria

c. Mowing Goats, goats that eat your lawn

The Something Store: The Something Store (currently on hiatus) can randomly send you the gift of your dreams or the next object on your re-gifting list. For a cool $10, you receive “a cool gadget, rare book, table game, handmade necklace, reverse clock, a box of gourmet chocolates, popular video game, big-box retailer gift card, the latest version of a software, a set of kitchen knives, a pair of handmade earrings.” The best part is you have no idea what you are going to receive.

Mowing Goats: California Grazing, much more eco-friendly than pesticides. Google even hired a herd of 200 to mow their fields in California. Apparently, they don’t produce that even of a finish but are decent with the weed work!

Maybe you have a great animal business idea? Dogs that do tax preparation? Graphic designer parrots? Horses that teach online courses?

Question 5

Here are some profitable small businesses. Well, two of them are. Which one doesn’t exist?

a. The Pillow Punchers, people who punch down pillows that are too fluffy

b. The Pet Loo, a square of fake grass for your pet to relieve itself

c. The Smashing Plate, a store where you can buy a cup or a plate and then smash it

The Pet Loo: The Pet Loo, a patch of fake grass for those with grassless backyards or long hours at work. It is a small and portable backyard for your pet.

The Smashing Plate: The Venting Place. Forget repair services. There’s finally a service designed for breaking! If you are ever angry and need to release the angst by smashing a plate against a wall, this is the place to go. You pay to stomp, smash, and hurl objects without any consequences!


You may have an idea for real estate, daycare, dog walking, delivery services, food trucks, or really anything! The list goes on. Whatever your skillset and whatever type of business you desire to create can become a reality. Some of the most obscure ideas have produced successful businesses that make good money through tens of thousands of customers. With the right business plan, enough capital to cover some basic startup costs and domain name, and a little know-how, you could see the profit margins rising in no time. So what’s your idea?

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