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The New York Times
Is Bank of America Trying to Shed Small-Business Customers?


Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index for December 2011 Finds Loan Approval Rates Rose at Small Banks and Alternative Lenders, Dipped at Big Banks

Monthly Analysis of 1,000 Funding Requests Finds Small Banks, Credit Unions, and Other Alternative Lenders Approved Loans at Highest Levels of the Past 12 Months in January


Biz2Credit Powers BuildMyBiz.com, Paychex's Latest Effort to Help New and Established Business Owners Succeed

Paychex Launches Website to Help Entrepreneurs Start, Grow, and Manage a Business

Biz2credit has partnered with Paychex (NASDAQ:PAYX) on the launch of its new website, BuildMyBiz.com, which provides tools and resources for starting, growing, and managing a business. Through the arrangement, Biz2Credit will be powering the small business financing section of BuildMyBiz.


New Year's Resolutions Should Be Made Monthly

The start of a new year motivates people to assess their lives and try to improve. Weight loss company sign-ups peak in January and fitness centers are always full at the start of the year. This usually lasts until mid February when people lose focus on their self-improvements or get depressed when changes don't seem to come fast enough.


Immpreneur: Helping Immigrants Build Their American Dream

Biz2Credit is proud to partner with Immpreneur.com, an online hub for immigrant entrepreneurs. Founder Foulis Peacock takes pride in sharing the stories of immigrants who have used their foreign experience, their "otherness," to thrive in the U.S.