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Women's Small Business 2015 Outlook

Women's Small Business 2015 Outlook

Topics Included

Women-Owned Businesses: An Assessment

Women-owned businesses have grown at a great pace over the last several years. While a gender gap insmall business ownership exists, the small business growth outlook for women-owned businesses hasimproved over the last year and there's still room for improvement.

Setting Up Business and Beyond

Business structure has a great impact on your business taxable amount and paperwork. It is based on three factors: liability,taxation and record-keeping. It is important to choose the correct structure for your business entity in order to protect yourpersonal assets as well as to save your money.

Biz2Credit's Annual Business Study FY 2013-14

Biz2Credit's annual study of 15,000 companies this year found that average annual revenues and loan approval percentages of women-ownedcompanies increased significantly in 2014. Female-owned businesses registered a growth of about 40% in a year-to-year comparison.