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JAN 28, 2021

Partner Webcast: Applying for the PPP with Paychex and Biz2Credit


Biz2Credit and Paychex have teamed up to help business owners secure faster and easier access to Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans during the second round of the PPP. Using an innovative integration between Paychex Flex and Biz2Credit's award-winning funding platform, payroll processing clients of Paychex are able to quickly begin an application for the PPP with just a simple click.

Just login to your Flex account where you will see the option to 'Apply for PPP'. This will take you right into Biz2Credit's platform, where your company's payroll and benefits data will be automatically copied into the PPP loan application.

Hear from Paychex Product Manager, Erin Lierheimer, and Biz2Credit VP of Marketing, Charles Groome, about this innovative partnership and the way that business owners can secure access to the Paycheck Protection Program.

Not available in RI, NV, ND, VT, and CA. Clients in these states may connect directly with Biz2Credit. In some cases, Paychex may receive compensation from an SBA-approved lender if you receive a PPP loan, subject to applicable laws.

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