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"Get It While You Can" by Halah Touryalai quotes Biz2Credit Small Biz Lending Index in article on where to get financing (Oct. 20)



Immpreneur Helping Immigrants Build Their American Dream

Biz2Credit is proud to partner with Immpreneur.com, an online hub for immigrant entrepreneurs. Founder Foulis Peacock takes pride in sharing the stories of immigrants who have used their foreign experience, their "otherness," to thrive in the U.S.


Small Business Saturday Should Be a Year-Round Event

November 26th marks the second annual Small Business Saturday, which American Express launched in 2010 to support local businesses, which create jobs, boost the economy and preserve neighborhoods around the U.S. It falls on Thanksgiving weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Small Business Funding on The Rise

Biz2Credit recently passed an important milestone: $500 million mark in loans arranged between lenders and small business borrowers since 2007. That's a half billion dollars in just under five years' time. We are proud that Elaine Pofeldt highlighted our success in a recent CNN Money/Fortune article,Meet the Small Biz Loan Matchmakers on Nov. 10.