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Introducing Biz2Credit Plus+

Premium financing opportunities for businesses that need to scale up. Build your business without barriers. Choose extra capital or enjoy flexible terms.

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Preferred Rates

Preferred Rates

Flex Terms

Flex Terms

Extra Capital

Extra Capital

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  • Four-minute
    Funding Application

Our online application is so easy. You'll finish it quicker than your morning cup of coffee. It's completely easy and completely secure too.

Filling out your application won't affect your credit score. You'll wonder why you ever spent so much time at the bank!

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A Premium
Business Financing

  • Choose your preferred product
  • Get exclusive rates, terms and offers reserved for
    Biz2Credit Plus+ clients
  • Bonus offers on renewal or extension

Biz2Credit Plus+ is the Best for Business

A premium financing solution that matches your ambitions and gives you room to grow with options that meet your needs today

Working Capital

Working Capital

Choose a working capital solution that works for you. With Biz2Credit Plus+ choose financing that's tailor-made for your business. Get up to $2 million in as little as 48 hours.

Expansion Capital

Expansion Capital

Scale your business to new heights. Choose expansion capital options that flex to meet your unique needs. Up to $5 million to buy real estate, renovate or expand your operations.

  • Preferred Rates

    Qualify for premium and exclusive rates on business financing offers through Biz2Credit. Only available to Plus+ clients, enjoy preferred rates and special event pricing for Working Capital financing.

    • Special offers on financing (up to 2% off)
    • Waive select fees
    • Event pricing exclusively for Plus+ clients
    • Preferred pricing on renewals and extensions
  • Flex Terms

    Get business credit that works with your schedule and on your terms. Choose different payment options and get peace of mind. Preferred terms open only to Plus+ clients.

    • Select settlement terms (daily, weekly or bi-weekly)
    • New payment options
  • Extra Capital

    Upgrade your financing amount and get the capital you need to take on your biggest projects. Full backing of financing up to $5 million with exclusive renewal and expansion options to take your credit further.

    • Extend funding up to $10 million
    • Special upgrades for renewals and expansions
    • Qualify with cash flow

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