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What are the fees involved apart from closing fees in start-up or term loan?

Fees for a startup loan are as follows, and this does not include a business plan:
1.5-3% consulting fee agreement depending on the size of the deal (anything under 1,000,000 is 3%)
We collect this in 3 parts.

1) Retainer -- once we start working on the loan with the customer a small fee will be due upfront $500-$1000 (also depending on size and if the borrower is more liquid this number could go up)
2) Progress payment-- once we obtain a term sheet from a lender we charge the client another set fee. This can be up to 50% of the value of the whole consulting fee
3) The balance is due after funding

What are the complete fees involved in quick loan?

If by quick loan you mean Cash Advances -- We are now trying to sign fee agreements with our clients on these deals. But if there is to much pushback we would waive it. The fees usually come from the lenders on CASH ADVANCE deals. That is the only type of loan where we would not 100% collect from the customer

Does client need to have a collateral when he applies for a loan amount<150000?

The only time they don't need collateral is for an SBA loan, but please don't say that they don't need it, the SBA will take ANY AND ALL collateral available and any conventional loan will require collateral. It is just the only way a bank can do a loan without but they need to have a 25% to put down and

How much Loan amount will client get if he puts down 25%? Suppose client applies for $100,000 & ready to put down $25,000, what approximate Loan Amount will client get?
Will it be $100,000 or $75,000

If the client is looking for a $100,000 he would bring $25,000 and the bank would provide $75,000. The customer would be required to spend their own money first before the bank would disperse the funds. But when going about this loan any money that was spent in the setting up of the business prior to getting the loan can be counted towards their portion of the 25%

What will be the benchmark Credit Score for Start Up as well as Existing Business?

Startups is 650 minimum but anything above is obviously better. Any bank loan 650 is the benchmark score, there are certain situations where we might be able to work with a client and a bank with a worse credit score but that is on a case by case basis.

What should be the approximate monthly income for a start up loan as well as Existing Business?

Startup business needs to have 1 year of projected income by month and 2 years after by year. They just need to have the required 25% to put down, good business plan, good credit score. Existing businesses need to be cash flow positive at least the previous year.

What would be the approximate Time Frame for closing the Loan for Start up as well as Existing Businesses?

Start up loans: 45-90 days from submittal of all paperwork
Existing Business: 30-90 days

Is there any Criteria for client who had filed for the Bankruptcy & wants to apply for the Business Loan?

Bankruptcy is discharged after 10 years. With a bankruptcy it is difficult to impossible to get a loan.
There are situations where it might happen but very rare.

How many months old Businesses do we consider as Start Up Businesses?

Depending on the bank it could be 1-2 years considered as a startup.