Three Secrets to Productivity

In the workplace, there is perhaps no other characteristic that is more scrutinized and valued than productivity. The quality of labor can define an individual’s value within and organization and their level of productivity is often an indicator of the company’s success or lack thereof in some instances.

Motivation is a key factor to productivity. Here are three ways to harness your inner channels to improve productivity:

Set Both Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Prior to engaging in any project, campaign, or simply a routine workweek, it is essential to set goals and stick closely to them. There is a fine line between setting something too easy and something that is impossible. Make sure that the set objectives are not only measurable, but that they can be achieved. For longer term projects, set deadlines to complete each component.

Establish a personal reward system for accomplishing those goals. Consider something that keeps you motivated outside the office. This will help keep your motivation moving forward.

Minimize Distractions

The work-life balance is becoming increasing delicate. In an era where business is conducted in real-time, there are countless things that can distract you during the course of the day. Whether it is family or friends constantly calling you on your cell phone or simply getting sucked onto social media, these common distractions can cause a massive time suck from your day. Do whatever is necessary to avoid common distractions that disrupt your day.

Meanwhile, multitasking seems like the most effective use of time, but in reality, you’re being counterproductive. Focus on one project at a time and you will notice a world of difference in your body of work.

Take Breaks

It may seem like a crazy concept to take time out of your day to unwind when the window of time in a day is limited, but taking a break can effectively reduce stress and revitalize the mind to focus on the project at hand. Pick and choose the right time to take press the pause button on your day. Some people allocate a specific time in their schedules for a break, while others make the decision based on the flow of work and when they complete a goal that was previously set in the day.

While each person is different, we all must take a break at some point during the day. However, it is important not to get carried away with taking so many breaks that it becomes a distraction and disrupts your work, though.

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