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This Wholesaler Took Inventory to New Heights Thanks to Biz2Credit

Mahesh, owner of Warner Gears LLC, runs an accessories wholesale business selling items like mobile accessories, caps, and t-shirts. He began his entrepreneurial journey...



Maximizing Success During the Busy Season: Essential Tips for SMBs

The busy season presents a golden opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). With careful financial planning and strategy, small business owners can use the...

June 18, 2024


Prepare Your Business For Any Type
of Financing

Read up on the wide range of business financing products that small business owners have at their disposal. We have put together how-to explainers for just about every kind of business financing for business owners in a wide range of industries. Important Note: the information contained in Financing How-Tos does not necessarily reflect Biz2Credit financing products. Please read about our financing products to learn more about the financing we offer .

The Small Business Lending Index

Small Business Loan Approvals Stalled at Big Banks, Rose at Small Banks and Alternative Lenders in November 2023

Stay updated with the latest information about Loan approval rates at various small business lending companies with Biz2Credit's monthly index.

November 2023
Guide to Refinancing Business Loans


Guide to Refinancing Business Loans

Small business Loans are essential to running nearly every small business; however, refinancing Options crop up from time to time that can change the terms of an original Loan into a more palatable Loan going forward.

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2024 Annual Top 25 Cities for Small Business Study



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3 Ways to Wrap Up Your Busy Season - Biz2Credit

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