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managing small business finances in 2020

Guide to Receiving a Business Loan for Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Owning and operating a brick-and-mortar store can demand numerous resources from a business owner, including time, money, and determination. If you are looking for additional financing and wondering how to get a business loan for your brick-and-mortar store, Biz2Credit is here to tell you all about the different loan options that are available to you. Before we dive into the different types of loans...

Guide to Small Business Finances in all 50 States
giconmoney Guide to Financial Statements for 2021

For most people, and for most businesses, the new year means turning over a new leaf. So what does that mean for a small business's financial statements? How can a business owner go about preparing his or her financial documents for another year? There are plenty of important tips to keep in mind...

Guide to Small Business Finances in all 50 States
giconmoney 2021 Guide to Business Loans for Minority Owned Businesses

Minority owned businesses are among the fastest growing segment of new businesses and account for half of the new businesses created over the last 10 years, according to the Census's Annual Business Study. However, minority owned enterprises continue to face challenges..

Guide to Small Business Finances in all 50 States
giconmoney Guide to Getting a Business Loan for E-Commerce Businesses

First things first—before we jump into financing for e-commerce businesses (and how to determine which option is the right fit for you), let’s quickly touch on why you might want to pursue business financing for your e-commerce business to begin with...

Guide to Small Business Finances in all 50 States
giconmoney Guide to Small Business Finances in all 50 States

Managing your business finances can be a challenge for any small business owner. The most important tip we can give to any small business owner is to educate yourself in understanding the fundamentals needed to run a business...

Small Business Finances
giconmoney Guide to Managing Small Business Finances in 2021

1Getting a small business up and running requires grit, know-how, and an ability to scale with agility. The agility necessary to get a foothold in your market often comes with a cost: neglecting the operations and strategy of small business finance...

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giconmoney Guide to Business Expansion in 2021

The ultimate goal of every choice you make as a business owner is to expand your small business. Every dollar you spend on marketing, every new hire you add to your team, every new customer you bring in goes toward creating a bigger and bigger business capable of dominating your...

Solve the Top 5 Small Business Problems
giconmoney How to Solve the Top 5 Small Business Problems

As a small business owner, you’ve most likely been tackling a variety of challenges since the very beginning of your journey. Starting a small business is a lifelong achievement for any entrepreneur, but it does come with its own set of unique obstacles...

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giconmoney Getting Started with Business Financing

Small business financing in 2020 poses a few unique challenges for a business owner. The good news is that it is arguably one of the best times ever to get a business loan. Because of the emergence of non-bank lending sources, small businesses have more choices and lower hurdles...

financing options
giconhand Business Financing Options for 2021

Small business entrepreneurship has experienced a renaissance starting in 2017. Despite the distractions and uncertainty of a turbulent political environment, major natural disasters and questions about taxes and regulation, small business owners had a fantastic year in 2017...

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Obtaining Bad Credit Business Loans Obtaining Bad Credit Business Loans

Small businesses of all types can face challenges to credit availability and gross receipt. Whether a new business or an established one that may have fallen on tough times these same businesses are often held back by poor credit scores and forced to find outside capital...

What are SBA Loans?
giconloan What are SBA Loans?

The most important thing to know about SBA loans is that the Small Business Administration isn't actually making the loans - they are guaranteeing the funds that banks lend under the program. This means that the government promises to pay the banks back for a portion of the loan if the...