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How Biz2Credit Arranged Funding For a Music Production Company

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How Biz2Credit Arranged Funding For a West Coast Event Staffing Company

How Biz2Credit Arranged Funding For a West Coast Event Staffing Company

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How Biz2Credit Arranged Funding For a Primary School During COVID-19

Texas Primary School Survives Covid-19 Financial Hardships Due to PPP Loan

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How Biz2Credit Arranged Funding for a Martial Arts Studio

Brooklyn Based Martial Arts Studio Overcomes COVID-19 Hardship

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How Biz2credit Arranged Funding for a Martial Arts Studio
GSE Laundry Case Study

How Gauntlett Eldemire Got Funding for His Laundry Business

“They’ve gotten me small bridge loans, as well as loans for bigger dollars. I was in the middle of construction and ran into delays and overruns.”

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How Dr. Patel Got Funding for His Dental Practice - Biz2Credit

“Your company did make my plan a reality, and I believe it will help me achieve what I want to achieve in my timeframe . . ..

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dental practice
Pradeep Saini

A Big Sip of Success: How One Entrepreneur Overcame Bankruptcy and the Real Estate Bubble to Build 4 Thriving Liquor Stores

He's recommended Biz2Credit to other entrepreneurs and considers the company "a great partner in my expansion."...

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Unstoppable: How Just-in-Time Funding Gave This Salon Owner Her Dream

"Biz2Credit was the biggest, biggest part of my success here. Biz2Credit came in like a lifesaver," she said...

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Ayurvedic Spa

How One Business Owner Completed his Year-Long Renovation Plan in Just 1 Month Thanks to Fast Financing

"I'd give Biz2Credit a 15 out of 10. Joe, my funding specialist, does a great job. He's always on point and really understands my business. Every time I've...

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Lightning Fast Funding Helps Power Couple Launch Bakery of their Dreams

"The turnaround time for funding was quick with Biz2Credit," Raza told us. "As soon as they got our information we had a decision - there was no waiting...

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physician at the clinic

California Doctor Makes Business Expansion Look Clinical with Real Estate Financing

"Dr. Gautam came across Biz2Credit after seeing multiple TV commercials and figured he'd give it a shot. After submitting the application and speaking with...

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How Getting Funds in 48 Hours Helped This NYC Entrepreneur Quadruple Her Business

"Biz2Credit saved the day and 48 hours later, I had the keys to my new fitness studio in my hand," said Zadeh. "I don't know how Joe did what he did for me,...

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Nyc gym owner
gas stations

How One Lucky Connection Led to $150,000 in Financing

"Vamsi Yaramaka, owner of a group of gas stations in PA, secured quick funding through Biz2Credit for business expansion. Timely funding helped him revamp his...

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NJ Electrician Shares How One Piece of Advice Doubled His Business

"Vamsi Yaramaka, owner of a group of gas stations in PA, secured quick funding through Biz2Credit for business expansion. Timely funding helped him revamp his...

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electrical business

Perfume Store Inc. Shows the Simple Beauty of Stocking Up for the Busy Season

"Navneet got in touch with the funding specialists at Biz2Credit and worked with his case manager to understand the best way to secure inventory financing....

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Building a Business Empire, One Property at a Time

"As Deepak said, "The speed was exceptional. I was able to get a loan in 24 hours, and I took ownership of the business the very next day."

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Deepak Verma
liquor Store

How One Family-Owned Store Capitalizes on the Fourth of July

"Sanjay called up Biz2Credit to help him get ready for this summer rush. He worked with his case manager to identify all the inventory he wanted to purchase,...


Dream of Owning an American Salon Fulfilled by Biz2Credit

Gulum was looking for a way to gain access to capital so that he could improve, organize and grow his salon. Biz2Credit was able to provide Gulum with the...

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Biz2Credit Helps Entrepreneur Get Into the Franchise of His Dreams

"Biz2Credit has allowed Harsh to grow his store's business and increase inventory by three times from when he first opened his doors back in 2015. More...

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Biz2Credit Funds Hospitality Business

"Any other route would have taken me a lot longer to close, and the reliability of Biz2Credit allowed me to feel reassured throughout the entire loan...

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Hospitality Business
Rental Property

Biz2Credit Helps Entrepreneurs Purchase Their Rental Property

"We received the financing within a week, which was much faster than we were expecting" says Devang. "The process was painless and required minimal...

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Biz2Credit Helps Georgia Entrepreneur Refinance Properties

"I needed help refinancing the rental properties that I currently own," says Shah. "I have been a Biz2Credit client for five years and did not hesitate to...

Georgia-based Shah Realty

Biz2Credit Provides Home Healthcare Provider with Working Capital

I'm extremely happy with their service, and I will definitely recommend Biz2Credit to other businesses," Ansari added. "Biz2Credit is simply the best small...

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Biz2Credit Funds Historic Hotel Revival

"Commercial real estate transactions comes with their own complexity," says Vishal. "But Biz2Credit made the application process much simpler. Shawn provided...

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Historic Hotel Revival
CRE Acquisition

Biz2Credit Helps New York Man-of-Many-Trades, Make CRE Acquisition

"I needed funding fast, or would easily lose the opportunity," says Sabharwal. "I called Biz2Credit and was able to receive the financing I needed within a...

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Biz2Credit Helps New York Physician Make CRE Acquisition

"If I had pursued the traditional route for funding, I would have been faced with time constraints and the need for additional documentation," says Patel....

gaurav patel READ MORE
Gaurav Patel

Biz2Credit Helps California Physician to Expand His Practice

"It was clear from the start of the conversation that Shawn would be able to provide us with what we needed in a smooth, fast, and efficient way," explains...

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Biz2Credit Helps InnVite Hospitality with Strategic Acquisitions

"If I have an opportunity come knocking and need to act fast to secure a Commercial Real Estate bridge loan, I know I can call Shawn anytime," said Vasani....

Strategic Acquisitions
Deepak & amrita Varma

Biz2Credit Funds New Acquisition for Hospitality Business

When asked how likely it would be that he would refer a friend or colleague to Biz2Credit, Verma gives it a 100%. "If you are looking for a CRE Bridge Loan,...

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Biz2Credit Helps Seasonal Small Business with Employee Expansion

"Prestia has been a Biz2Credit client since 2016. Even in this relatively short amount of time, Biz2Credit's partnership with his firm has already allowed him...

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7-Eleven Gas Station

Biz2Credit Helps Gas Station Owner Finance A 7-Eleven

"I have found that other small business loan providers are not very caring," says Hasnain. "But not Biz2Credit. They treated me like a family member from the...

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Biz2Credit Helps New Orleans Restaurant Owner with Key Renovations

"The application process was incredibly simple," says Carreras. "Just a few questions, and I rolled right through. I was able to receive a business advance of...

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Irish Channel Bar
IT Consulting Firm

Biz2Credit Helps IT Consulting Firm Make Several Acquisitions

"I was quite impressed with Biz2Credit's expediency," says Ajjarapu. "In addition to being fast, Senior Funding Specialist Kamal was exceptional. I would give...

Ram Ajjarapu READ MORE

Biz2Credit Helps PA Gas Station Owner with New Acquisition

"I didn't want to stay in a contract with a bank for months," says Sayed. "Speed was certainly the challenge, and that is exactly what Biz2Credit was able to...

Arshad Sayed READ MORE
PA Gas Station
Mohammad Mansoorie

Friends Wholesale to Open Brand New Location through Biz2Credit's Support

Intent on growing his business, Mansoorie began looking for another solution. And that's when he found Biz2Credit. "I reached out to other potential lenders...

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Biz2Credit helps Shirley Carson for CRE Bridge Loan Program

Biz2Credit was able to assist Carson by funding on a bridge loan at 75% loan-to-value against the purchase price of the apartment complex, with a term that...

Shirley Carson READ MORE
Real Estate
Landscaper Don Saunders

Landscaper Don Saunders Grows His Business

"We were able to provide him with a $50,000 advance with a low payback amount. Instead of draining his cash flow with daily ACH payments, we were able to...

Don Saunders READ MORE

Dharmendra Patel, entrepreneur, expanded his hotel business with Biz2Credit's funding support.

In both subsequent acquisitions Biz2Credit was able to source working capital by leveraging the cash flow of Patel's existing hotels as a down payment to...

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hotel business
Woman Entrepreneur

Mission Modernize: How One Woman Entrepreneur Is Changing the Manufacturing Landscape

Ramesh, a self-professed data-nerd with a love of all things fashion, developed the idea for Suuchi, Inc. after emigrating to the U.S. 6 years ago and finding...


Body Restoration Focuses on Fitness for the Baby Boomer Population

Precisely the kind of small, local company that can greatly benefit from the advantages offered by a small business loan, Body Restoration is a intimate...

fitness studio
Luxury Hotel for Dogs

K9 Resorts, a Luxury Hotel for Dogs, Expands Nationwide

K9 Resorts, a daycare and boarding facility for dogs with locations in several New Jersey cities, has seen tremendous growth in business in the 10 years it...


Metro PCS Dealership Used Mobile App to Secure Financing Through Biz2Credit

When Sachin Jain needed a large infusion capital quickly to support his two authorized Metro PCS dealerships in Hempstead and Elmont, New York, he knew where...

Sachin Jain READ MORE
Metro PCS Dealership

Biz2Credit Has the Rx for Baisley Pharmacy

I'm extremely happy with their service, and I will definitely recommend Biz2Credit to other businesses," Ansari added. "Biz2Credit is simply the best small...

Saud Ansari READ MORE

El Jalapeno II Mexican Restaurant in Youngstown, Ohio

"It helped. People see all that. It definitely helps increase sales," said Alacazar. "Now, I've built some credit. It was definitely worth it. I'm very happy....

Victor Alacazar READ MORE
Indian restaurants


Vijay Rao is the owner of Tulsi, one of only two Indian restaurants in New York City to earn a Michelin Star. With help from Biz2Credit, he was able to secure...


Biz2Credit Success Story: S'Mac

Moving forward in the economy, our goal is to bring in more repeat business and draw new customers. We're confident in the prospects of our business moving...

Sarita Ekya READ MORE
Sarita & Caesar Ekya
Satinder Sharma and Firdosh Irani

Biz2Credit Arranges Quick Funding for Fido's Cafe

When Satinder Sharma and Firdosh Irani, owners of Fido's Cafe in Jersey City, NJ, needed funding they turned to Biz2Credit

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Biz2Credit Helps Renovating the Taj... The Taj Lounge in New York City, That Is By Michael Bruchert

With opulent imported decor such as carved teak and a magnificent mahogany and copper-topped bar, the Taj Lounge transports its guests to the ultimate luxury...

Michael Bruchert READ MORE
Satinder Sharma and Firdosh Irani
Satinder Sharma

Satinder Sharma : Owner of Brick Lane Curry House

The restaurant industry in New York and New Jersey is hyper competitive, and restaurant owners will be the first to acknowledge this truth

Satinder Sharma READ MORE

DWT Tax Services, Inc. By Susan Bonnell

Accountants work for their clients to help them maximize their cash flow, but when they need funding to support their business operations, where do they go?

Dianna Williams Thomas READ MORE
Dianna Williams Thomas
Reliance Motors, LLC

Reliance Motors, LLC

For Anwar Ismail, owner of Reliance Motors, LLC, an auto wholesaler, getting a business loan through banks was a very frustrating experience

Anwar Ismail READ MORE

Biz2Credit Helps Veteran Rafael Cuellar Secure Funding

Former Navy officer Rafael Cuellar served his country for a decade. The entrepreneur founded Cuellar LLC, which was ranked among the 500 largest...

Rafel Cuellar
Hawk-N-Trans Trucking

Biz2Credit puts Hawk-N-Trans on cruise control by arranging new funding

James Hawkins established his company, Hawk-N-Trans Trucking, in 2007 with one truck and one trailer. Seven years later, the business had expanded to 25...

James Hawkins READ MORE

Walsh Electrical

Walsh Electrical Contracting, Inc. was founded in Staten Island, New York, in 1976. Initially the company focused on the residential market. Just a few years...

Walsh Electrical
Better Days Trucking

Better Days Now on the Way with Help from Biz2Credit

Kevin Hogan, owner of Better Days Trucking located in Chesterfield, Virginia, needed funding for maintenance and company infrastructure.


Wiggins Cleaning & Carpet Service

One of the largest cities in Ohio, Dayton boasts a population of over 141,000 residents and numerous companies, schools, and a major college in the University...

Wiggins Cleaning & Carpet Service

Biz2Credit Helps IT Company Manage Contract Billing Challenges

Contract work presents a unique set of challenges to the small business owner. developersDen, Inc. is a provider of IT services such as software development,...


Palermo Business Solutions

An up-and-coming parts distributor and service company is spreading its business in and around Wilmington, N.C.

John Palermo READ MORE
parts distributor and service company

SYNTAX NYC Has Designs on Growth

Drew Lanza, owner of SYNTAX NYC, a 3D/2D packaging design boutique based in the heart of New York City's Fashion District, needed funding to grow the...

Drew Lanza READ MORE

Biz2Credit Clears the Lending Landscape for Connecticut Firm

Carlos Chavarria owner of Total Property Services in Stamford, Connecticut, needed funding to meet payroll. Because he owns a landscaping and construction...

Carlos Chavarria READ MORE
Construction firm
seasonal business

Apparel Company Overcomes Seasonality to Increase Cash Flow with Help from Biz2Credit

Fashion is a seasonal business. Sales slow dramatically in January and February, so manufacturer inventories rise and prices drop. Importer and wholesale...

Bishwajit Majumder READ MORE

Biz2Credit Helps Keep Trucking Company Rolling with Fleet Expansion

As the U.S. continues to rely heavily on imported goods, service companies engaged in the movement of these goods continue to thrive. Lexanic Transport and...

Trucking Company
Gas Station

Bison Production Company

Bison Production Company, located 20 miles from Atlanta, opened in 2009 and now lists a staff of eight employees. In order to fill its needs, the company -- a...


Gas Station Fueled by Infusion of Capital from Biz2Credit

Rajesh Jiwani owner, of FYJ Sons in Lawrenceville, Georgia, needed funding for expansion. Opened in 2006, FYJ Sons is a gas station and convenience store...

Gas Station

Everything Came Up Roses for Pennsylvania Florist Who Contacted Biz2Credit

Kathy Bricker, the owner of Flower Basket and Gifts, in Mercerville, PA, is proud to talk about the complete selection of fresh-cut floral bouquets, custom...

Kathy Bricker READ MORE

Biz2Credit helps Auntie Anne Pretzel Franchisee Untwist a Financial Knot

January is a slow month in the mall. After a busy holiday season, foot traffic slows to a trickle; and so do sales. Bilal Bhatti, owner of the Auntie Anne's...

Going with the Cash Flow

Going with the (Cash) Flow

Did you ever wonder how all those tropical fish swim their way to Petco? We have Sam Samarasinghe's CIS International Holdings Corporation to thank. CIS is a...


Biz2Credit Helps Grace Hospice of Texas Manage Delays in Reimbursements

Customer Story Romeo Villarreal co-owner, of IHG Hospice Care in Houston, Texas, needed funding for cash flow and payroll since it takes 45 days before he can...

Grace Hospice
moving and storage service

Funding from Biz2Credit Fuels DMV MOVING Expansion

DMV Moving is a locally owned and operated moving and storage service located in Rockville, MD. The business has grown tremendously in the past three years...


Borrowing in Style

Cesar Morales, the owner of Tony's Barber Shop in South Easton, MA, wants each customer to look and feel appreciated. "We offer lots of services, like...

Distributor Services
Health Furniture Concepts

Health Furniture Concepts

Shiatsu is a Japanese word: "shi" meaning finger, and "atsu" meaning pressure. It is available for homes too, through Health Furniture Concepts, a company...


Nine6 has Design on growth

Joe Greenberg, the owner of Nine6 Design, wants clients to find modern indoor and outdoor furniture which satisfies their needs. Nine6 Design is a full...

Nine6 Design
electronic payment solution

Biz2Credit helps electronic payment solution provider Paylogic secure expansion funding

Tony Garay, the owner of Paylogic Network helps companies find relief from the costs of credit card fees. His company creates and implements electronic...


Alignment Medical Solutions

Greg Hewett, the owner of Alignment Medical Solutions based in Florida, has a passion for placing quality short or long term medical staffing needs across the...

Greg Hewett READ MORE
LIC Deli Gourmet, Inc.
Production Company

A Big Apple Production Company Needed Funding to Grow

On paper, Sara and Working Pictures are the American Dream. Working Pictures has produced work for some of the biggest brands in the world and has won...


Biz2Credit Helps Delivery Company Recover from Hurricane Sandy Setbacks

Cheetah Interstate Logistics, a delivery and courier company based in Queens, New York, experienced a slowdown when many of its customers ceased operations in...

Delivery Company
Gas station

Long Time Gas Station Owners Couldnt Find Financing During the Recession

Monika and her husband moved to the U.S. from India in 1988 and 1992, respectively. They became successful serial entrepreneurs and eventually became the...


Local Lender for a Local Business: LIC Deli Gourmet, Inc.

Shah Yafi had a clear vision of what he wanted LIC Deli Gourmet, Inc. to be - a full-service restaurant delicatessen in New York City's borough of Queens,...

Medical Solutions

Motel Owner in New Mexico Refinances Loan

Scott O'Brien purchased the Rainbow Inn and Gift Shop in Carrizozo, New Mexico, six years ago. Scott had worked in the hospitality industry for many years so...


Biz2Credit Helps Cow Palace from Seasonal cash flow fluctuations

Jeff Clock and Catherine Rodarte-Clark, co-owners of the famed Cow Palace in Amado, Arizona, needed working capital to improve off-season cash flow.

cash flow fluctuations
Beauty Products

A Dominican Entrepreneur Needed Cash to Update her Beauty Company Inventory

Ramona Almanzar moved to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic four years ago. She has been an entrepreneur her entire life, and her dream has always been to...


Refinancing a Business Loan is Not as Simple as it Sounds

The Shear Shack has been an Asheville, NC, institution for 30 years. When he bought the business eight years ago, Tim took out a business loan that required...

efinancing a Business Loan
Medical Clinic

A Medical Clinic in North Carolina Needed Help Making Payroll

Paul Gerald has owned G&G Healthcare, a primary family medical practice located in Cerro Gordo, North Carolina, for 15 years and two months. Many of his...

Paul Gerald READ MORE

Virginia Speech Therapy Clinic Wanted to Expand

PR Feeding Clinic owner Amie Teague got her start working with speech and communication impaired children at age 10 when she started interviewing the families...

Amie Teague READ MORE
Let's talk
Production Company

Fantastic Sams Hair Salon Gets Funding

Fantastic Sams Hair Salons offer haircuts straightening, coloring, highlights, and texturizing, as well as its own line of salon products including shampoos,...

Lora Brown READ MORE

NYC Culinary Legends Turn to Biz2Credit to Open Banquet Hall

Customer Names: Vicky Vij and Raja Jhanjee, owners of the world famous Bukhara Grill in Manhattan Customer Business: The Castle, an exquisite, upscale banquet...

NYC Culinary Legends
busy summer season

A Seasonal Business Owner Needed Quick Cash

Funding Need: A seasonal business owner needed a small loan before her busy summer season got underway. Solution: Biz2Credit was able to connect this...


TV Production Firm Secures $1 Million+ for Upcoming Projects Through Biz2Credit

WORKING PICTURES is a New York-based production company and full service post production and editorial house. The company has directed and produced numerous...

TV Production Firm
Radio-frequency engineering

Engineering Firm Secures $4 Million for International Growth Through Biz2Credit

Radio-frequency engineering is a highly specialized field. While most people take for granted that their cell phone will work wherever they go, the reality is...


CPA and Biz2Credit Build Relationship that Fosters Mutual Success

Why would a financial expert need to work with a financial services company?

financial services
Telecom Business

Hitting the Road in Search of Small Business Financing

It was “our way or the highway” with the big banks, so The WheelerShip, an automotive wheel distributor, hit the road in their search for expansion...


Too Big to Care Mentality Leads UPS Store Owner to Biz2Credit

When “too big to fail” became “too big to care,” Catherine and Leslie Walker of Sky High, LLC started to look elsewhere for a financial services company that...

UPS Store

Bridging the Gap - A Cash-Flow Solution from Biz2Credit

A developer of digital retailing solutions was caught short on funds after expenditures at the Consumers Electronics Show (CES), the premier trade show to...

Going Green

Going Green. Future Green Studio Growth Fueled by Biz2Credit Funding

David Seiter found himself in the right place at the right time when, as a sole proprietor, he founded Future Green Studio in 2008. "It was just me, at the...

David Seiter READ MORE

Suresh Nayak explains why he would recommend Biz2Credit to other small business owners

Silicon Alley Group, an Iselin, NJ-based technology company, moves into 2012 with aggressive goals for their company's growth. As they seek to expand further...



Biz2Credit is proud to partner with, an online hub for immigrant entrepreneurs.  Founder Foulis Peacock takes pride in sharing the stories...

Tech Star USA Inc.

Tech Star USA Inc.

Established in 2004, NYC-based Tech Star USA Inc. is an IT company that specializes in web development, graphic designing, static pages, flash animation and...


Dr. Michael E. Jackson, MD

Dr. Michael E. Jackson, MD, has served the Brooklyn community for the past 16 years. The first African-American dermatologist trained at SUNY Downstate...

Dr. Michael READ MORE
medical practices

Dr. Eduardo Pignanelli's case study

“It used to be if you were a doctor, you would have no problem getting a loan,” says Dr. Eduardo Pignanelli, founder of Clinica Modelo de Especialistas in...


Malamal Inc.

David Kalsang's cell phone distribution company, Malamal Inc., sought to expand its export operation in Asia. Frustrated with the application and approval...

distribution company

Dr. Eduardo Pignanelli, founder of Clinica Modelo de Especialistas

"It used to be that a doctor would have no problem getting a business loan," says Dr. Eduardo Pignanelli, who founded Clinica Modelo de Especialistas nearly...


Biz2Credit helps Malik & Associates, P.C. to secure a total of $950,000 in loans

Biz2Credit helped Malik & Associates, P.C., a small law firm, to secure financing for $625,000 in December 2009 and then obtain an additional $225,000 to...

Law Firm
Medical Facility

Medical Facility expands in NY with a $2.5M loan

An MRI company which was founded in 1986 in Forest Hills, New York was in need of new equipment to keep up with the technological advances in the medical...


Medical Practice Expands in a New Facility with 504 loan

A well established medical practice running for 15 years in upper Manhattan doing business worth around USD 7million approached Biz2Credit to help them get a...

Medical Practice
food franchisee industry

Johnny Rockets opens a new location in NYC with SBA 7(a) loan

An entrepreneur having 10 years plus experience in the food franchisee industry approached Biz2Credit to help him fund a start up loan for Johnny Rockets in...


Biz2Credit Helps Pharma Company Secure $575k SBA-Backed Loan

Vista Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company founded by a group of doctors in 2006 to manufacture and market bulk drugs for the U.S. market. In late 2009

Pharma Company
Medical Practice

Well Established Medical Practice expands with a new low cost Credit Facility

A well established medical practice running for 15 years in Manhattan doing around USD15million


Textile trade company uses $100,000 line of credit to cover cash crunch

A textile trading company has been in business for 3 years. From 2006 to 2007, the company's revenue grew by over 400 percent. The current economic recession,...

trade company
IT consulting firm

IT consulting firm establishes solid credit history and accesses $100,000 line of credit

An entrepreneur owns an IT consulting company in New York that earned $700,000 in 2007...


Wholesale Distributor Increases Inventory with a Secured Line of Credit

An entrepreneur owns and operates a company that distributes discount goods and beauty products with annual revenues around $15 million...

beauty products
Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment Distributor Swaps Expensive Vendor Financing with Accounts Receviables Financing

A medical equipment distribution company has been in business for 2 years. From 2006 to 2007, the company's revenue grew by over 900 percent...


New York-Based IT Company Expands Operations to New Jersey with $150,000 Unsecured Line of Credit

An entrepreneur owns and operates an IT solutions company in New York. The IT support company is looking to expand the 5-year-old operation nationally...

IT solutions company
Driving School

Driving School Owner Finances Business Expansion with Unsecured Line of Credit

An entrepreneur owns and operates a driving school in Queens, New York. The 12-year-old school provides training for a large number of immigrants in the New...


Entrepreneur Uses a Commercial Loan to Purchase a Theme Park

A former consultant and Harvard Business School graduate with extensive experience in managing large businesses wants to purchase a renaissance theme park...

Theme Park
Expands Business

Master Franchisee Expands Business to New York with Accounts Receivables Financing

A master franchise cell phone provider is based in Michigan with quarterly accounts receivables of over $500,000. The entrepreneur plans to roll out its...


Entrepreneur Uses a Cash Out on Industrial Warehouse Property to Set Up Auto Workshop

An entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the auto industry owns a two year old industrial warehouse in Pennsylvania, valued at $1,500, 000...

Auto Workshop
retail stores

Distributor Lowers Financing Cost and Secures Cash Flow

An entrepreneur owns and operates a company that distributes discounted health, beauty, and food products to retail stores and government entities...


Master Franchisee Expands Business in New York with Unsecured Line of Credit

A Master Franchisee of Metro PCS in operation for six years in Michigan wants to set up a franchisee network in the New York area. The Master Franchisee...

Master Franchisee
Door Manufacturer

Door Manufacturer Grows Business During Recession with a Line of Credit

An entrepreneur owns and operates a business that manufactures and sells fireproof doors. In business for over 20 years, the company is headquartered in New...


Manufacturer Services New Demand with a Line of Credit Against Inventory and Business Goodwill

An entrepreneur owns and operates a manufacturing and trading company in the North East with growing annual revenues around $2 million...

Manufacturer Services

Franchise Owner Expands Business Nationally with a Secured Line of Credit

An entrepreneur owns and operates 10 franchises in New York with total annual revenues for 2007 around $25 million. The franchisee is looking to expand...


Gas Station Owner Uses an Unsecured Line of Credit and Credit Card Receivables to Expand Business

An entrepreneur owns and operates three gas stations in Wisconsin. Properties owned include real estate, food stores and gas pumps...

Gas Station
distribution business

Wireless Card Distributor Uses Accounts Receivables Financing to Cut Supply Costs

An entrepreneur operates a wireless pre-paid card distribution business in New York and New Jersey. The telecom carriers demand money for minutes upfront and...


Motel Owner Buys a Gas Station with an Unsecured Line of Credit and an SBA Term Loan

An entrepreneur owns two motels in Illinois, one valued at $500,000 and the other at $2.5 million. Both motels have been lien-free for the past 8 years...

Wholesale Distributor

Wholesale Distributor Refinances Debt with Accounts Receivables and Inventory Financing

An entrepreneur's wholesale perfume distribution business experiences an annual growth rate of 50 percent. The company's accounts receivables are around...


Diamond Merchant Uses a Secured Line of Credit to Increase Profit Margin

An entrepreneur owns and operates a company in New York that distributes diamonds to department stores. In the wholesale diamond industry, inventory costs are...

Expand Business

Limousine Company Accesses $150,000 Unsecured Line of Credit to Expand Business

A Hispanic entrepreneur runs a limousine company, with a 40-vehicle fleet for 22 months. The first 8 months of the company were conducted in the name of the...


Property Management Company Receives Unsecured Line of Credit Despite Poor Credit History

An entrepreneur owns a property management business for the past 3 years. The owner's credit report shows a large number of closed collections tracing back to...

Property Management Company
Rental Agreement

Real Estate Brokerage Uses a $300,000 Line of Credit to Expand Online Presence

A minority entrepreneur owns and operates a real estate brokerage business with annual revenues around $1.7 million in 2007. The company is headquartered in...


IT Networking Company Expands Business with a Secured Line of Credit

An entrepreneur owns an IT networking company with growing annual revenues around $2.5 million for 2006. The company is headquartered in Europe with a branch...

IT Networking Company
Telecom Business

Telecom Business Increases Customer Base with a $500,000 Line of Credit

A minority entrepreneur owns and operates a telecommunications business with annual revenues around $6 million in 2007. The company is headquartered in New...


Data Recovery Company Based in India Sets up Subsidiary in the U.S.

A data recovery company is headquartered in Delhi, India. Formed 15 years ago, the company has around 200 employees and generates annual revenues around $5...

Data Recovery Company
CPA/Tax Preparation

Accounting Firm Uses Line of Credit to Meet Heightened Seasonal Demand

An entrepreneur owns and operates a CPA/Tax Preparation company with growing annual revenues around $1.8 million for 2006. The company is headquartered in New...


Biz2Credit Gives Peace of Mind to Counseling Service

Ajita Mohan was facing a challenge -- one that she had to conquer in order to launch her new business this April....

Ajita Mohan READ MORE
Innerspace Counseling
Ice Cream Franchisee

Biz2Credit Finds Cool Cash for Ice Cream Franchisee

When it's hot outside, people look for a cool treat. This simple truth led Eric McCarthy right into the Baskin Robbins ice cream business....


Ray Vasquez Case Study

“Ramit and Rohit – they are the Magic Men,” says Ray Vasquez, owner of the first-ever Johnny Rockets Sports Lounge on the upper east side o...

Ray Vasquez
Non profit School

Biz2Credit helped a Non profit School Secure $2.5 M Funding

A New York City non-profit school for children with developmental issues needed funding in order to expand their facility. Aside from being a non-pro...


Wholesale Distribution Business Refinances an SBA Loan with a Traditional Loan

In 2006, an entrepreneur used a 10-year SBA loan to purchase a small business that distributes discount goods and beauty products......

Wholesale Distribution Business

Restaurateur Buys Real Estate with an Unsecured Line of Credit and Credit Card Receivables Financing

An entrepreneur operates a restaurant for 13 years from a leased building in Bristol, CT. The 24-hour restaurant is located on a national highway and grosses...


Medical Transcription Company Expands Business with a Secured Line of Credit

An entrepreneur owns and operates a medical transcription company with annual revenues around $1.3 million in 2006. The company is headquartered in New...

Mmedical transcription company

Distributor Services Seasonal Demand with an Unsecured Line of Credit

An entrepreneur owns and operates a heating oil distribution company based in Connecticut. Service demand rises during the winter months......

Distributor Services
Car Service Company

Car Service Company Buys Office and Expands Fleet with an Secured Line of Credit

An entrepreneur runs a car service company in Long Island, New York. The company has a $100,000 line of credit from a bank......


A Big Sip of Success: How One Entrepreneur Overcame Bankruptcy and the Real Estate Bubble to Build 4 Thriving Liquor Stores

He's recommended Biz2Credit to other entrepreneurs and considers the company "a great partner in my expansion."...

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Opening A Restaurant