Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biz2Credit?

Founded in 2007, Biz2Credit is an online small business lending platform connecting business owners with a range of lenders that offer a wide range of funding options. Biz2Credit connects borrowers with credit solutions based on online profiles that can be completed in less than four minutes in a safe, efficient, price-transparent environment. We've provided over $7 billion in small business loans and financing for more than 100,000 companies, Biz2Credit is widely recognized as the number one credit resource for small businesses.

What types of loans can I find on Biz2Credit?

Biz2Credit can arrange SBA loans, traditional bank loans, business lines of credit, equipment financing, business acquisition loans, commercial real estate loans, refinancing and merchant cash advances. Additionally, there are special lending programs available through Biz2Credit for women, veterans and minorities.

What interest rates do you charge? What are the payback terms?

Interest rates and terms depend in large part on credit history and how quickly a borrower needs money. SBA loans and traditional bank loans generally offer the best interest rates and the longest amount of time for repayment. However, for borrowers who need money quickly, funding from non-bank lenders is available. These deals close more quickly, but the interest rates are generally higher. The type of funding often depends on a company's financial history. For a snapshot of your own company's finances try using Biz2Credit's BizAnalyzer tool. It provides a free financial checkup and can inform what type of financial product you can qualify for.

How quickly can I receive financing?

With the appropriate information and documentation available it is possible to secure funding in as little as 24 hours. We take your privacy very seriously. All your information is managed securely, for more information see our privacy statement.

Are there application fees? Or fees for using the business tools on the site?

No, there are never any application or submission fees, or fees for using any business tools on the site. You only pay a fee if your financing transaction closes.

Are there other fees I will pay to Biz2Credit?

Yes. Biz2Credit's platform includes non-bank and bank financing products. For most non-bank financing products, you will pay an underwriting fee (typically $250-$400 depending on deal size), payable at the closing of the transaction. For most bank financing products, you will pay a closing fee to Biz2Credit when the transaction closes. The amount of the origination or closing fee will depend on the size and type of transaction and other factors. For certain commercial real estate loans, you will pay an origination fee at loan closing.

Are there any other hidden fees?

No. All fees will be clearly set forth in a separate written agreement signed prior to funding.

Is Biz2Credit compensated by the lender?

Biz2Credit is compensated by lenders and other funding providers upon the closing of the underlying loan or financing. The amount of this fee depends on the size and type of transaction and other factors.

What are your fees?

Registration is free and the only charge is a $250 fee for underwriting only if you get funded. Biz2Credit does not charge any hidden fees.

What is the maximum amount of money I can get from Biz2Credit?

Biz2Credit can arrange funding for amounts between $5,000 to $5,000,0000 -- all from one application. Registrants' records stay with Biz2Credit, and many companies secure multiple loans and grow their businesses through our platform.

How long does the process take before I get funding?

The funding process can take as little as 24 hours to four weeks, the typical length of time for an SBA loan, which requires more documentation than other types of loans.

Is Biz2Credit a lender?

No, Biz2Credit is not a lender. Instead, Biz2Credit works with a network of lenders nationwide to connect them with pre-qualified small business owners who are seeking financing.

What businesses are eligible to submit a loan application on Biz2Credit?

Typically, lenders seek established businesses (in operation for 2 years or more) that are profitable and have a solid credit history. However, startup loans are available to entrepreneurs who are in the beginning stages of their ventures.

How secure is the Biz2Credit site?

Security is a top priority at Biz2credit. An experienced team of application developers, software professionals, quality analysts, and security experts oversee all web security related issues. Biz2credit maintains a strong backup process, performs automated intrusion detection, monitors hacking attempts, and stays current with security patches and upgrades.

How do I contact Biz2Credit?

Biz2Credit Inc.
462 Seventh Avenue, 20th Floor.
New York, NY 10018
(800) 200-5678 (toll free) General inquiries: