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Key Findings from the Final Report

Biz2Credit’s 2022 Top 25 Cities for Small Business Study is an annual review of the financial performance of small businesses in the United States. The study reviews tens of thousands of credit inquiries and applications from small to mid-sized businesses across the country for the full prior year (2021). Results from the study are a trusted source of insight on the performance of small businesses over the past 12 months. The study is frequently cited in major publications covering finance and the American economy.

gqb-1 With Silicon Valley thriving, it is no surprise that San Jose has repeated as No. 1 among the Top 25 Best Small Business Cities for 2021. Other tech centers, including New York, Boston, and San Francisco also fared well. Baltimore and Washington, DC, moved up the list dramatically, which is likely the result of an increase in the number of businesses that serve the growing federal workforce. gqb-2

Rohit Arora, Biz2Credit CEO

Top 25 Small Business Cities based
on 2022 Ranking Compared to 2021 Ranking

  1. San Francisco-Oakland, CA (6)
  2. Los Angeles, CA (4)
  3. Washington, DC (12)
  4. Portland, OR (16)
  5. Providence, RI (Unranked)
  6. Denver, CO (14)
  7. San Diego, CA (3)
  1. Sacramento, CA (10)
  2. Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL (2)
  3. Seattle, WA (9)
  4. Tampa-St. Pete (8)
  5. Lakeland-Winter Haven, FL (Unranked)
  6. Austin, TX (Unranked)
  7. Port St. Lucie, FL (Unranked)
  1. Orlando, FL (11)
  2. Houston, TX (Unranked)
  3. Nashville, TN (Unranked)
  4. Riverside, CA (21)
  5. Cleveland, OH (Unranked)
  6. San Antonio, TX (24)
  7. Philadelphia, PA (17)

Top 5 Metropolitan Statistical Area
based on 2022 Rankings Compared to 2021 Rankings

Top 5 MSAs in 2021 2021 Rank
San Jose, CA 1
Baltimore, MD 2
New York, NY 3
Boston, MA 4
San Francisco, CA 5
Top 5 MSAs in 2020 2020 Rank
San Jose, CA 1
Miami, FL 2
San Diego, CA 3
Los Angeles, CA 4
Boston, MA 5

Cities That Emerged In The 2022 Report

Seven cities made Biz2Credit’s “Best Small Business Cities” Top 25 that were unranked in last year’s report: Providence, RI; Lakeland-Winter Haven, FL; Austin, TX; Port St. Lucie, FL; Houston, TX; Nashville, TN; and Cleveland, OH.

MSAs that were added this year
MSA 2021 Rank 2022 Rank
Providence, RI Not Ranked 9
Lakeland, FL Not Ranked 16
Austin, TX Not Ranked 17
Port St. Lucie, FL Not Ranked 18
Houston, TX Not Ranked 20
Nashville, TN Not Ranked 21
Cleveland, OH Not Ranked 23

Cities That Were Ranked In 2021 Study That Dropped From Rankings In 2022 Study

Meanwhile, seven cities that ranked in 2021 Biz2Credit’s Top 25 Cities study dropped off the 2022 study: Raleigh, NC (15), St. Louis, MO (18), Charlotte, NC (19), Chicago, IL (20), Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN (22), Detroit, MI (23), and Phoenix, AZ (25).

MSAs that were present last year but not ranked in the Top 25 this year
MSA 2021 Rank 2022 Rank
Raleigh, NC 15 Not Ranked
St. Louis, MO 18 Not Ranked
Charlotte, NC 19 Not Ranked
Chicago, IL 20 Not Ranked
Minneapolis, MN 22 Not Ranked
Detroit, MI 23 Not Ranked
Phoenix, AZ 25 Not Ranked

For detailed information about the top-ranking cities for women-
owned and minority-owned businesses

Located in a suburb of Los Angeles (ranked #6 in the 2022 Top 25 Cities Study), Dr. Ravindra Gautam takes pride in serving his small community through the Gautam Medical Wellness Center. His team invests countless hours into creating a one-stop clinic where patients can use various medical services and learn about taking a wellness approach to improve their lives.

gqb-1. When a person feels better, it makes you feel good that you're helping someone. I'm a part of a small community and I've lived here the last 13 years. I just can't walk away knowing that I'm making money when at the end of the day people aren't feeling good and they need help. gqb-2

- Dr. Ravindra Gautam

Average Annual Revenue of the Top 10 Metropolitan Cities


Average Credit Score of the Top 10 Metropolitan Cities


Top 10 Cities that Have the Most Startups Based on
Average Age of Business

Age of Business is an indication of startup activity. The #1 spot with the youngest age of business was a tie between Kansas City, Omaha, and Denver, all at 42 months being the average age of business.


Kansas City, MO-KS: 42 
Omaha, NE: 42
Denver, CO: 42 (tie)


Fresno, CA: 43  
Memphis, TN: 43 
Columbus, OH: 43 (tie) 
Lakeland-Winter Haven, FL: 43 (tie) 
Washington, DC: 43 (tie) 
Tulsa, OK: 43 (tie)


Riverside, CA: 44 
Pittsburgh, PA: 44 (tie) 
Seattle, WA: 44 (tie) 
Grand Rapids, MI: 44 (tie) 
Baltimore, MD: 44 (tie) 
Miami, FL: 44 (tie) 

Shihan Troy Binns is the owner of Binns Victory Martial Arts, located in New York, New York (ranked #3
in the 2022 Top 25 Cities Study). Since starting Binns Victory Martial Arts, the school has produced
many talented martial artists and sport karate world champions.

gqb-1 I really love to see the kids progress in their art as well as their personality growth, because martial arts is not just about punching and kicking, it is about the development of character. And that is what we teach here, it is about who you are going to be as a citizen, as a husband, as a wife, as a person. That is what we focus on. gqb-2

- Shihan Troy Binns

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