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Analysis of 40,000 firms finds revenues and costs down.

Texas and California Are The Top States for Loan Requests from Women-Owned Firms

Rohit's Takeaways from the 2019 Women-Owned Business Study

Rohit Arora

Rohit Arora
CEO Biz2Credit

Lower financial indicators among female business owners are indicative of lacking service and attention provided by traditional financial institutions. This creates a financial opportunity gap among women who are running their own companies compared to men,” said Biz2Credit CEO Rohit Arora, who oversaw the study. “COVID-19 shed light on this trend by exacerbating a gender business funding gap that has long existed.


Average Annual Revenues
Average Annual Revenue

Average Annual Revenue dropped from
$384,359 in 2019 to $330,226 in 2020.

Average earnings
Average Annual Revenue

women-owned business grew to $181,770 in
2020 from $107,804 in 2019, largely because
expenses decreased from $276,554 in 2019 to
$148,455 in 2020.

Average credit score
Average Annual Revenue

Average Credit Score for female
business owners increased from 590 in
2019 to 597 in 2020.


Women-to Men Borrowing Ratio
Average Annual Revenue

27% female vs 72% male business loan applications
according to Biz2Credit data in 2020.

Average Annual Revenue Gap
Average Annual Revenue

Women-owned businesses ($330,226) earned
$421,928 less on average than male-owned firms
($716,842) in 2020.

Average credit scores
Average Annual Revenue

On an average the credit score for women-owned
businesses (597) were 23 points lower than male-
owned Businesses (620) in 2020.

Average Annual Revenue

Owned businesses ($36,981) was 33% lower
than the average loan size for businesses owned by
men ($55,061) in 2020.

Average Loan Size
Average Age of Business
Average Annual Revenue

Women-owned businesses 5 years (60 months) was
lower than the age of business for male-owned
companies 6 years (72 months) in 20.

Industry Sectors
Industry Sectors
Industry Sectors
Industry Sectors


  • texas
  • california
  • North Carolina

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Round 2:Women-owned vs. Male-owned businesses

North Carolina
North Carolina

Jennifer Moore, a self-described “mom-preneur” credits the $20,000 PPP loan she got with Biz2Credit’s help as a “lifeline” that kept her home-based business, Stickers By Jennifer, going.

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