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Jamba Juice started out as Juice Club in 1990 in San Luis Obispo, California, developing into the national brand that we know today. Then, in June 2019, the company legally changed its name to simply Jamba to represent the expanded range of products and services it provides to its customers. Jamba is now a subsidiary of Focus Brands, an American private holding company that holds a variety of different food franchises. These include Auntie Anne’s, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Cinnabon, McAlister’s Deli, and more.

Today, Jamba is a market leader when it comes to lifestyle brands on a worldwide scale. They provide freshly blended fruit and vegetable smoothies, bowls created to order, freshly squeezed juices and shots, boosts, and snacks to customers on the move.

More than 850 stores under the brand’s umbrella can be found not only in the United States. Jamba is also represented internationally in many other countries.

Jamba Juice has been at the forefront of the movement to simplify and expand access to more nutritious food alternatives for the last three decades. As such, Jamba is a premier franchise opportunity for many budding small business owners looking to open their first franchise. Jamba Juice offers multiple franchise opportunities for these individuals to take advantage of. In this article, we’ll cover how to get started with a Jamba franchise, what the pros and cons of a Jamba franchise are, what sort of franchise loans are available to franchisees, and more!

Why Start a Jamba Juice Franchise?

Jamba Juice is a fairly accessible franchise opportunity for new small business owners compared to many other nationwide chains. Their net worth and liquid asset requirements are substantially less than many other franchise options, opening the franchise option to a much wider group of individuals.

As part of Jamba’s commitment to franchisees, the national Jamba Juice franchise is always developing new products and expanding its menu to include more delicious food combinations and beverages in an effort to better meet the needs of its clientele. Owners of Jamba Juice franchises are encouraged to participate in “Own the Whirl’d” – Jamba’s phrase for opening up a new Jamba franchise.

The national chain prides itself on a few core concepts that they associate with running a Jamba franchise:

  • Simple Business Model and Easy Preparation: Because Jamba Juice’s extensive choice of blended beverages and stimulating snack options take little preparation, there is no need for owners to wake up early or stay up late. Their stores don’t require hoods, grills, or many other expensive commercial food preparation equipment. Typically, franchises only need blenders and refrigerators/freezers in order to operate.
  • Locations that are Optimal: While Jamba’s real estate staff is able to provide advice and support with the selection of real estate, in general, Jamba stores take up a very small footprint. This means you won’t need to find a large plot of land or build a brand-new building to house your operation. Instead, Jamba franchise layouts are very versatile and can be utilized in many different areas. In fact, Jamba offers a wide array of different footprints, including drive-thru locations, kiosks, and other options. Stores typically range from 1,000 to 1,500 sq. ft.
  • Marketing Made Easy by the National Brand: The nationwide franchise’s devoted marketing staff builds nationwide initiatives, lead generation opportunities, and social media campaigns to inspire brand loyalty and increase interaction. This reduces the need for franchise owners to engage in their own marketing. Additionally, upon opening, owners will already have a recognizable and popular brand, removing much of the early need for customer education that non-franchise startups face.
  • Training: Jamba provides its franchise owners with extensive training in order to properly operate their locations. Additionally, they provide owners with access to digital tools that assist them in educating their staff.
  • Ability to Expand: Jamba offers current owners a wide range of ways to expand, including location models that are only available to owners who already operate a traditional location. This means that franchise owners can expand and grow over time, increasing their revenues and profits and becoming valued partners of the national Jamba brand.

What Are the Costs Associated with Having a Jamba Juice Franchise

The following is a list of the individual qualifications that must be met, as well as the recurring Jamba juice franchise cost that is connected with owning a company and operating a franchise Jamba:

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $35,500
    • Veterans are eligible for a discount of $15,500 off the franchise cost.
  • Initial Investment: $378,650 to $843,000
  • Cash Requirement: $120,000
  • Net Worth Requirement: $300,000
  • Franchise Royalty Fee: 6% of monthly gross sales
  • Ad Royalty Fee: 3% of monthly gross sales

The cost of a Jamba Juice franchise will be different depending on what sort of Jamba franchise you decide to open. Current options provided by the national franchise include the following (note that some of these options are only available to individuals who already own a Jamba franchise):

  • Drive-Thru
  • Kiosk
  • Non-Traditional
  • Dual Branding Opportunities
  • In-line
  • Traditional

How Much Do Jamba Juice Franchises Make?

The profits of a Jamba Juice franchise can vary greatly, depending on many factors such as location, demographics, marketing strategies, and more.

According to the brand’s figures from 2021, average net sales for the fiscal year of 2021 were $754,052. With a 15% profit margin, franchise owners can expect it to take about 7 years to recoup their initial investment. However, again, this varies greatly based on the unique factors and costs associated with each individual franchise.

You can learn more about the financials of Jamba franchises by taking a look at their franchise disclosure document (FDD). This will provide a whole range of details related to the finances of franchises.

When making estimates for how much your franchise will make in revenue and profit – as well as how long it will take to recoup your initial investment – you will need to consider all of the costs associated with opening the franchise carefully.

An important factor to consider when determining how much a Jamba Juice franchise makes is the costs associated with opening and operating the business. The initial fees for starting a Jamba Juice franchise can range from $30,000 – $40,000 for equipment and supplies alone.

Other additional costs include leasing or purchasing property for the store’s location; hiring employees; obtaining necessary licenses and permits; purchasing inventory; paying marketing expenses; and investing in branding materials such as signage.

These costs can add up quickly and should be considered when evaluating potential profits from owning a Jamba Juice franchise.

Despite these upfront costs and potential risks involved with starting a business venture such as this one, Jamba Juice franchises have been known to generate steady streams of revenue over time due to their popular product offerings.

Many consumers continue to choose healthy smoothies and other products offered by the company for convenience and/or health reasons. Additionally, some locations also offer food items such as bowls, sandwiches, and wraps which can further increase profits since they generally cost less than smoothies yet come with larger margins when sold at retail value.

In conclusion, there is no simple answer to how much money a Jamba Juice franchise can make since it depends on numerous variables, including location, operational expenses incurred during setup, and ongoing running costs associated with staffing or inventory replenishment.

In light of this information, however, it appears that those who are willing to invest in starting this kind of business could potentially see significant returns if managed properly over time.

How Do You Start a Jamba Juice Franchise?

Starting a Jamba Juice franchise is an exciting opportunity to become a part of the popular smoothie and juice company.

Fill Out an Application

To get started, potential franchisees must fill out an application form available on the Jamba Juice holding company, Focus Brands, website and, following approval, pay a $30,000 initial fee. This fee covers the cost of Jamba Juice’s operations manual and other pre-opening services, such as equipment procurement support and site selection assistance.

Once approved, prospective franchisees will be connected with a Business Development Manager who will provide guidance throughout the entire process.

Obtaining Construction Permits & Licensing

One of the benefits of starting a Jamba franchise is that they make a concerted effort to help you along the way as you open your franchise. They want their franchise locations to succeed, after all, since this impact their national brand. This includes helping new franchise owners with obtaining necessary construction permits and licenses, finding local vendors for ingredients and supplies, setting up payment processing systems, developing marketing materials for their store opening, and establishing relationships with local businesses in the area.


As a new franchisee, you will also receive training on everything from food safety to customer service standards. This provides an excellent business opportunity to kick-start your journey. Jamba owners typically receive around 22 hours of classroom training before opening. They then receive an additional 90 hours of on-the-job training that enables them to see the operation of the franchise in action.

Business Plan

Before opening your doors to customers and the local market, it’s important that you create a detailed business plan that outlines all of your costs associated with starting up your Jamba Juice franchise, including rent, insurance premiums, labor costs, overhead expenses, licensing fees, and more.

Once you have developed a comprehensive business plan, you can then begin searching for real estate in order to lease or purchase property that meets all of the requirements outlined by Jamba Juice’s Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

To ensure the success of your new venture, it is recommended that you hire experienced staff to help manage both day-to-day operations as well as manage any marketing efforts that are necessary to promote your franchise location and offerings. It’s possible to do this yourself as a franchise owner – and this will certainly help you increase your personal earnings – but you want to make sure that you are qualified to be doing any job you decide to take on. Sometimes hiring consultants to help you learn the process before taking it on yourself can be a good way to make sure you are on the right track before you start making decisions on, for example, marketing by yourself. After all, you want to make sure you get things right, especially in the early days of your business operations.

Prior to opening day, be sure to create an official grand opening celebration where local media outlets are invited so that they can spread the word about your new Jamba Juice franchise. The national franchise can assist you in the planning process for your grand opening as they will have a great deal of experience with this.

As rewarding as owning a Jamba Juice franchise, maybe it does come with some inherent risks associated with investing in a new business venture.

If managed correctly, however, these risks can be minimized by operating within a strict budget and adhering closely to all guidelines set forth by the franchise agreement provided by Jamba Juice when signing up for their program.

With determination and hard work, anyone can have success running their own successful Jamba franchise. Diligence and attention to detail are key. However, by having a franchise as opposed to a stand-alone shop, you can be confident you have an organization that has done it before and presumably knows how to do it right.

What Sort of Training is Required to Start a Jamba Juice Franchise?

Starting a Jamba Juice franchise requires comprehensive and comprehensive training to ensure that the unit holder and their team are well-equipped to manage the business.

The initial training covers all the aspects of operating a Jamba Juice franchise, including an in-depth look at the company’s menu, ordering system, health standards, customer service standards, and more.

Aspiring non-traditional stores will also learn about marketing strategies that can be implemented to help promote their business locally.

The training program is designed to give them a thorough understanding of what it takes to run a successful Jamba Juice franchise. They will be exposed to topics such as food safety regulations, financial management, and accounting practices.

Furthermore, they will receive comprehensive instruction on how to use the franchisor’s computer system for inventory control and order processing.

In addition, there are courses available for the team members who will work in the store. These sessions cover topics such as customer service skills, operations procedures, sales techniques, and product knowledge.

They will also get an introduction to how to prepare various items from Jamba Juice’s menu according to its specific guidelines – from smoothies and juices to breakfast wraps and sandwiches.

Finally, unit-holders will attend ongoing meetings with representatives from Jamba Juice corporate headquarters in order to stay up-to-date on new products or initiatives that could impact their operation.

These can range from updates on promotional offers or changes in supply chain processes that need immediate attention. Overall, learning how to set up and run a Jamba Juice franchise requires intensive education in multiple areas of running a business – but with sufficient preparation comes greater success! Remember, owning a franchise means you are a small business owner. You’ll need to learn how to make effective decisions in many different aspects of running a business – this is often easier said than done.

How Do You Finance a Jamba Juice Franchise?

Financing a Jamba Juice franchise can be accomplished in several different ways.

Business Loan

The first option is to approach a financial institution or lender and apply for a loan. You may need to provide collateral in order to secure the loan, such as real estate or other assets.

When it comes to financing a Jamba Juice franchise, there are several loan options to consider. Many of these loan options can be used for different aspects of starting your franchise.

SBA Loans

One of the most common routes is to begin with obtaining capital through traditional financings such as term loans through the Small Business Administration (SBA). SBA loans can also be an attractive option due to their reasonable terms and extended repayment periods, but they usually come with lengthy application processes. SBA loans are special in that they are backed by the federal government. This means that they are less risky for lenders to provide to borrowers since there are some back-end guarantees if the borrower ends up defaulting on the loan.

There are multiple different types of SBA loans. The most popular type of SBA loan is the SBA 7(a) loan. These loans are available for amounts of up to $5 million and are offered with both fixed and variable interest rates. SBA 7(a) loans can be used by individuals interested in opening a franchise or who already have an existing franchise. However, in order to use an SBA 7(a) loan for a franchise, your franchise of choice will need to be listed in the SBA franchise directory.

Term Loans

Term loans are one of the more popular choices in franchise funding as they provide a large lump sum at a fixed interest rate for a set period of time. Term loans are offered by both traditional brick-and-mortar lenders (i.e. traditional banks) as well as alternative lenders (like Biz2Credit!). Term loans from traditional banks are typically very difficult to obtain and require a lengthy process. Alternative lenders, on the other hand, are able to provide term loans quickly with fewer qualifications required of the borrower. However, they also tend to have higher interest rates – so there is a trade-off to consider.

Lines of Credit

A line of credit allows you to borrow money up to an agreed-upon limit when you need it and only pay interest on the amount you actually use. Lines of credit are always valuable loans to have access to since they don’t go away once you are approved. Instead, you can access the money whenever you need it. This makes it ideal for shoring up cash flow and bailing your business out if it’s in a pinch for money.

Lines of credit typically come with variable interest rates and change over time, which means they aren’t always ideal for long-term borrowing. Sometimes, lines of credit can be used as a form of interim or bridge financing while you look for a term loan or other type of loan to use.

Angel Investors

Angel investors, on the other hand, are typically wealthy individuals who offer funds in exchange for partial ownership and/or control over certain aspects of your company’s operations. If you have family members or other individuals in your network who are interested in going in on the franchise with you, this can be a great way to obtain some of the funding and liquidity you need in order to open your franchise.

However, remember, if you take on a business partner, you will either have to work with them in the long term or buy them out sometime in the future. This is something to consider since you will want to choose your investors or business partners wisely. You will need an individual or individuals who you can trust and rely upon.

Personal Funds

Another option for opening a franchise is you can self-finance the operation by using personal savings or other resources that you have access to.

When seeking financing for a Jamba Juice franchise, it is important to understand all of the costs associated with starting and running your business. This includes initial franchise fees, ongoing royalty fees, training fees, advertising costs, equipment purchases, staff salaries, and more.

It is also important to understand what kind of return on your investment you can expect in order to make sure that your financing strategy makes sense for your particular situation. This is especially important when you are using personal assets or taking out loans that require personal guarantees or jeopardize your personal finances. If your business doesn’t work out, you want to make sure it would ruin you financially.


In addition to traditional financing options, many entrepreneurs are exploring alternative methods of funding, such as crowdfunding platforms.

This method involves raising money from small donors online and can be an effective way for entrepreneurs to generate enough capital for their business needs without taking out large loans or giving up control over their venture.

Financing Summation

No matter which route new franchise owners choose when financing a Jamba Juice franchise, it is important to understand all of the available options and explore what type of financing best meets your individual needs.

With proper planning and research, you should be able to secure enough capital through one of these methods in order to launch your new business venture successfully.

Finally, don’t forget about tapping into personal resources like family members, friends, and retirement accounts that may be willing to loan money at lower rates than traditional financial institutions.

It’s important to have a well-thought-out business plan in the franchise industry that includes everything from expenses and marketing strategies to projected revenues when approaching potential lenders, as this will give them more confidence in investing their money with you.

By understanding all of these different financing options available for starting a Jamba Juice franchise, entrepreneurs can make sure that their business ideas become a reality without having to break the bank along the way!

Take Away

It should come as no surprise that the individual circumstances surrounding a Jamba Juice franchise (i.e. location, size, etc.) and any other food franchise have a significant role in determining the potential income the business may generate. However, if you think the financials make sense for you, opening a Jamba franchise might be the right path for you.

A Jamba Juice store provides its owners with a number of benefits, including the opportunity to establish their own profitable company and the flexibility to choose their own working hours.

Nevertheless, regardless of the amount of money that these business owners generate, it is essential to comprehend the amount of labor and dedication that is required consistently for a franchise (and any other business, for that matter) to succeed.

And remember, just because you are interested in owning a franchise does not mean you need to start one from scratch. In some situations, making an investment in a Jamba Juice shop that is already up and running results in fewer startup expenses, which enhances the probability of generating returns more quickly. This is something to consider if you don’t think you are up to the task of building a franchise from the ground up.

Overall, a Jamba franchise is a great opportunity for those who are looking to work hard and who have the stamina to remain dedicated to their business over a long period of time. It won’t be easy work, but with the proper approach and methodology, opening a Jamba franchise can be an incredible opportunity.


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