Congress is working on

Paycheck Protection Program 2
to get more help to business owners

Get Notified About the

Second Paycheck Protection Program

Lenders are currently waiting for final guidance on the application process for the Second Paycheck Protection Program. When applications are open, we will contact you to apply.
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COVID-19 continues to impact millions of small businesses all
around the country. The U.S. Congress is now considering a new
funding program for the hardest-hit businesses that is being
referred to as Paycheck Protection Program 2. This program has
not yet been enacted, but we are giving business owners the
option to be notified if and when it is available.



Biz2Credit stands with business owners during difficult times to get them the funding their businesses need to grow and thrive again.

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Biz2Credit is committed to helping business owners who are struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of our customers are similarly affected. We are in touch with policymakers to advocate for urgent action on behalf of business owners.

We are taking action to secure this important new support for small businesses like yours:

  • Speaking with Policymakers
  • Advocating in the Media
  • Prequalifying Businesses for Financing

Disclaimer: Please note that loans under the Paycheck Protection Program are not guaranteed and are issued at the sole discretion of the lender in conjunction with SBA or other governmental agency guidelines. Any loan issued is governed by definitive documentation of the lender and is also subject to Biz2Credit's Business Finance Terms of Service. Biz2Credit is not a lender. Biz2Credit makes no representations about the likelihood of passage of legislation or regulations that may be under consideration by the U.S. Congress or any other governmental body.

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