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Recent Success Stories

Biz2Credit helps Shirley Carson for CRE Bridge Loan Program

Biz2Credit was able to assist Carson by funding on a bridge loan at 75% loan-to-value against the purchase price of the apartment complex, with a term that provisioned enough time for the processing of a permanent long....


Biz2Credit Clears the Lending Landscape for Connecticut Firm

Carlos Chavarria owner of Total Property Services in Stamford, Connecticut, needed funding to meet payroll. Because he owns a landscaping and construction firm, it was hard for him to obtain funding from a traditional ...


Going Green. Future Green Studio Growth Fueled by Biz2Credit Funding

David Seiter found himself in the right place at the right time when, as a sole proprietor, he founded Future Green Studio in 2008. "It was just me, at the brink of the green revolution," says David....


Property Management Company Receives Unsecured Line of Credit Despite Poor Credit History

An entrepreneur owns a property management business for the past 3 years. The owner's credit report shows a large number of closed collections tracing back to college......


Real Estate Brokerage Uses a $300,000 Line of Credit to Expand Online Presence

A minority entrepreneur owns and operates a real estate brokerage business with annual revenues around $1.7 million in 2007. The company is headquartered in New York......