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The Pango Financial DreamSpark® plan is the most cost-effective way to unlock your retirement savings to invest in your business tax-deferred and penalty-free! Invest your existing 401(k) retirement account or other qualified retirement plans into a Rollover for Business Start-Ups (ROBS) 401(k) plan. You can access your retirement funds without having to pay interest.

The DreamSpark plan lets you fund your business startup costs without taking on debt or sacrificing equity in your company. Because it’s not a loan, it doesn’t affect your credit, and your credit score is not used to determine your eligibility. A great option if you have a low credit score, have difficulty getting a loan, or have concern about negatively affecting your strong credit rating. Instead of paying interest on new small business loans, use Pango's DreamSpark plan for staff salaries, marketing expenses or equipment purchases that enhance your business requirements.

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Phil Quilter - Owner of Taj Lounge Customer since 2010

We had always dreamt of having a banquet hall, and it came true after the financing from Biz2Credit.

We would recommend Biz2Credit 100% without fail, no questions about it.

Vicky Vij and Raja Jhanjee

Owners of Bukhara Grill Customer since 2008

Phil Quilter
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Biz2Credit did the application process with us. It was very easy.

We were able to continue with the operation. I was very happy with the experience

Phil Quilter

Owner of Taj Lounge Customer since 2010

Maryam Zadeh
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We were growing so fast, but we didn't have the working capital we needed.

Biz2Credit was so great because they were there for us when nobody else was.

Maryam Zadeh

Owner of HIIT BOX Customer since 2018

Caesar and Sarita
Office Background

It was like talking to a family member. It was that comfortable.

I would definitely recommend Biz2Credit to other people.

Caesar and Sarita

Owners of S’MAC Customers since 2013