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California Doctor Makes Business Expansion Look Clinical with Real Estate Financing

For the last 15 years, Dr. Ravindra Gautam has taken pride in serving his small community of Barstow, CA through the Gautam Medical Wellness Center. His team invests countless hours into creating a one-stop clinic where patients can use various medical services and also learn about taking a wellness approach to improve their lives dramatically. Programs at the clinic include reiki, yoga, educational seminars, weight loss and diabetes programs, women's health and more.
“It's hard to find real estate that works for you while living in a small community, so I needed to move fast," he told us. "When the property is gone, you don't have use for the money.”
Dr. Ravindra Gautam

Dr. Gautam and his wife, who is also a physician at the clinic, manage the wellness center together and they make sure that their clinic is very personalized and welcoming to every patient. The husband and wife duo often spend Fridays and Saturdays discussing how they can improve the overall care of their patients and addressing any issues that have come to their attention.

They're a busy family and it takes a lot to run a business and be a practicing physician at the same time. But it's their passion that keeps them going.

"When a person feels better, it makes you feel good that you're helping someone," Dr. Gautam said. "I'm a part of a small community and I've lived here the last 13 years. I just can't walk away knowing that I'm making money when at the end of the day people aren't feeling good and they need help." But growing a business in the competitive California real estate market isn't quite as relaxing as one of the Wellness Center's special yoga wellness sessions. If you don't have funds ready right away, you'll miss any opportunity to buy new property and expand your business.

The Gautams uncovered a need for financing after deciding to add more specialty physicians to the wellness center so the community could have access to the best care possible. They wanted to double their patient list and knew that opening new clinics would increase their availability to the community.

Their end goal is to make Gautam Medical Wellness a multi-specialty clinic where patients can see a cardiologist, vascular surgeon, family practice and holistic physicians at either the main office or at two satellite locations. That's what fueled the need for financing.

Throughout the process as Dr. Gautam was researching business financing, he wasn't having a great experience. He got the run-around from multiple banks and it was taking way too long to get a decision.

"It's hard to find real estate that works for you while living in a small community, so I needed to move fast," he told us. "When the property is gone, you don't have use for the money."

Dr. Gautam came across Biz2Credit after seeing multiple TV commercials and figured he'd give it a shot. After submitting the application and speaking with his Case Manager, he was funded soon afterward. With the funds, they will be able to purchase new office space and equipment for the new doctors.

"I'm not going to lie, it was intense when I was asked for all of the documents that were necessary, but Biz2Credit said that they would fund me and we could move forward."
Dr. Ravindra Gautam

When asked about what makes a financing offer stand out, Dr. Gautam said "assurance."

"Other companies said that they could give me this-and-that, but I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere with them. They're too nice saying that they can give us anything we want if we give them our documents" he said. "I want the person that I'm working with to be frank and tell it how it is."

"When he's not working or managing the wellness clinics, Dr. Gautam likes to give back to his community in a different way - by donating his time or money to those in need. When one of his employees needs help, he's always willing to lend a hand, even if it means helping financially. Dr. Gautam tells his employees that "I'm not your boss, we're a team" and believes that a junior employee is just as important as an executive. He takes his duty as a doctor very seriously. As he's quick to remind you, if anyone needs help they can always come to him."

To continue to be successful, the Gautams have put an incentive program in place to motivate their employees to deliver great service. He said that "when the company grows, the growth is shared by everyone."

Having been in business for almost two decades, Dr. Gautam has developed the wisdom that only entrepreneurs have. His view on business financing is appropriately sage-like.

What he likes about Biz2Credit is that our team is invested in his team.

Dr. Gautam shared, "For me to know that Biz2Credit will be on my path to help me now and in the future, that's a great feeling. Biz2Credit will stand by me and continue to support my business ideas in the future."

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