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How This CPA Firm Uses ERTC Loans to Offer Unrivaled Service to Clients

Mike Gavigan, based in Pasadena, California, is a founding partner at Gavigan & Company, the firm he has led since 2010. He has been a CPA and consultant for small businesses for over 15 years. Gavigan & Company specializes in accounting, tax, payroll, and financial advisory services for their individual and small business clients. They pride themselves on being a small firm of dedicated professionals who listen to their clients’ needs and offer personalized solutions at an affordable price.
"We're recommending our clients to look at the other financing programs that Biz2Credit offers, in part, because of the technology platform and streamlined application process that it provides."
Mike Gavigan
Founding Partner at Gavigan & Company

Mike first learned about Biz2Credit on the AICPA Town Hall webcast series, which led him to use the CPA Business Funding Portal to secure Paycheck Protection Program loans for his clients after many traditional banks and lenders could not keep up with the volume. He was impressed with how user-friendly and streamlined the platform made the financing process. His favorite features included being able to manage all his clients’ applications all in one place, and the range of financing products available through the Portal. It wasn’t long before he started spreading the word to his clients that his firm could help them with financing.

He regularly explores other Biz2Credit programs, such as the term loan or revenue-based financing. One of Mike’s other services for his business owner clients is filing their Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERTC). But his clients, like so many small business owners, were stuck waiting on the IRS to issue their funds. This is where an ERTC Loan, offered by Biz2Credit, came into play. After learning about Biz2Credit's launch of the ERTC Loan, one of Mike’s clients reached out to him asking if he knew of any solution to get the IRS to pay ERTC funds faster.

"One of my clients requested my assistance for advanced funding on ERTC. I saw that Biz2Credit had the exact program my client was asking for. [at the time] I was unable to find any other programs offering the ERTC loan except Biz2Credit."

The ERTC Loan that Biz2Credit provided to Mike’s clients helped keep those businesses running. Business owners can access the funds from their pending ERTC payment and make interest-only payments until the IRS funds are sent to their account.

"We found that the Biz2Credit ERTC loan program has usually been helpful to our clients to overcome cash flow difficulties as they restart their business post-pandemic,” Mike shared."

With Biz2Credit, Mike can remain the trusted advisor he has always been by providing his clients with the funding they require. As a result of his quick solution to his client’s urgent inquiry, his client happily referred Mike’s services to his own network.

"Since we helped our first client to obtain an ERTC loan, he was extremely pleased with the process, the speed of funding, and the documentation requirements. He referred us to another of his associated businesses to continue the process."

* ERTC Loans are made by Itria Ventures LLC or Cross River Bank, Member FDIC.

California residents: Itria Ventures LLC is licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. Loans are made or arranged pursuant to California Financing Law License # 60DBO-35839. Maximum of 12 months interest only. If IRS payment is not received at that time, loan rolls over into an amortizing term loan for up to 24 months from that date. This loan product is subject to certain terms, conditions and limitations. Please review product details included herein carefully with your tax advisor. If the Loan is prepaid within 210 calendar days of funding a Prepayment Fee equal to 2% of the unpaid principal will be assessed.

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