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Starting A Business

Early Rise Academy: A Thriving Community of Learning and Success

David Jefferson, the founder of Early Rise Academy, started his business over 20 years ago in Jersey City, New Jersey. He noticed that his beloved community lacked the necessary childcare centers that both parents and children needed to thrive, so he took action to fill that gap. An idea that started as one location has now turned into seven flourishing locations, employing 60 new people, and where parents and guardians can bring their children.
Joyal Gonsalves and Sarvinder Singh
“The way Biz2Credit took care of my business was by supplying fast funding when I needed it and understanding the needs of this type of business requires. Being able to deal with the same person has been great.” 
David Jefferson
Early Rise Academy

David worked with other funding providers in the past and noted, “the timeframe was not as quick. The red tape they put you through was just so much.” He continued to say that the practice of red tape also extended to banks, therefore they were slow to act, and often made acquiring funds difficult.

One day he received a call from one of the two funding specialists that he would be working with for over six years. “I chose Biz2Credit because once I read up on everything they have done with other small businesses, I thought they were the best ones to go with. I did a little research on them, and the relationship has been great since then. I have received a few term loans from Biz2Credit, which I find helpful in my business because they pay off quickly and you are not into years and years of trying to pay these loans back with Biz2Credit.” David recalls.

The entire process was streamlined from submitting documents to getting the funds. “With each additional loan, the process became easier and easier. In this industry, many things happen quickly, and we need funding. Banks are usually time-consuming with the amount of red tape and documents you must provide when you apply. Biz2Credit found a way to streamline where I was able to get the documents into them and what is better than that?”

Initially, Early Rise Academy utilized Biz2Credit’s service to help replace equipment & supplies, as well as cover unexpected expenses. David told us that children tend not to be the gentlest handlers of equipment and things in the center, so things need to be replaced often.

During the pandemic, David had to close the doors of every one of the locations and do serious renovations to meet the new social and economic environment.

Biz2Credit was ready to supply those funds and business development guidance to help get all seven locations to meet new health standards and expectations.

"Safety and security for the children is our top priority” -- David Jefferson, Early Rise Academy

Recently, Early Rise Academy had an HVAC problem where their heating system was not working properly. During the winter months, this is a severe problem as it jeopardizes the children's welfare. They needed to have someone come by to fix it over the weekend before the children returned. David reached out to Biz2Credit, got funded, and had the team fix the problem before Monday.

David has worked with the same two Biz2Credit funding specialists for over 6 years. He told us they know him, his file and business, anticipate his needs and when more supplies are needed, help provide, funding.

David reflected on his relationship with Biz2Credit, “The way Biz2Credit took care of my business was by supplying funding when I needed it and understanding the needs of this type of business requires. Being able to deal with the same person has been great.”

Today, Early Rise Academy has modernized all locations with the highest safety, health, and security features and equipment to meet all their community’s needs. David continues to keep close relations with Biz2Credit to help cover future expenses and projects for growth and expansion. The relationship between Early Rise Academy and Biz2Credit helps bring about positive change to the community during challenging times. This speaks to our values of who we are and toward making for a better future for our children.

* Term Loans are made by Itria Ventures LLC or Cross River Bank, Member FDIC.

California residents: Itria Ventures LLC is licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. Loans are made or arranged pursuant to California Financing Law License # 60DBO-35839

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