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Kolache House Bakery

Funding Helps Power Couple Launch Bakery of their Dreams

When husband-wife duo Raza and David Bolos first got married, visiting their local Kolache bakery was part of their normal routine. Every morning they would stop in to pick up a couple of the Czech pastries that are made of yeast dough and filled with fruit or meat, egg and cheese. One day when they arrived the storefront was closed.

They were confused and frustrated because the bakery had a lot of business and it was always busy. Disappointed that they couldn't get their fix, David quickly thought about bringing it back by opening their own store. His wife Raza says that once he has his mind set, he can get anything done.

In order to turn the idea into reality, they needed funding.

When looking for an online lender, the two things that Raza pays special attention to are percentage rates and how she's treated. She had a lot of bad experiences where she wasn't given the answers that she needed right away. As she told us, that always made her feel like her time wasn't being respected.

Raza first learned about Biz2Credit by doing a simple search online to see where they could get financing for their business. The testimonials on the website from other successful business owners intrigued her so she quickly inquired about getting capital to launch their new idea. She was pleased when she called and was greeted with professionalism and clear steps on what they needed to do to move forward as quickly as possible.

"The turnaround time for funding was unbelievably quick," said Bolos. "There was no waiting period like I experienced with other lenders."

It hasn't always been easy to run the bakery for the married couple, who must juggle their family, relationship and business each week. They had to work extremely hard for a long stretch of time to get the bakery started. As Raza shared, it really wore them out. But with the motivation to persevere and see it through they are happy where they are today.

When asked about her top advice for other small business owners, Raza recommends getting financing you can manage and to start small and grow bigger over time. Working with a funding company you can trust is very important too.

Once they received their funding in April 2016, Kolache House Bakery in Lakewood, Colorado opened - making kolaches, breads and pies fresh daily. They are proud to be part of the community and continue to preserve the kolache tradition.

After a positive experience, the couple approached Biz2Credit for the second time to make sure all their vendors were paid before the end of the year so they could start fresh in 2019. Not long after sending in the paperwork, the new funds were in their account.

What's next for the future for this bakery power couple? With the success of their small business, Raza and her husband are looking forward to expanding by opening their very first food truck with the potential for franchising! They have a large storefront with a lot of equipment and have the space to increase production for the new venture.

So next time you're in the Denver area, be on the lookout for some kolaches on-the-go!

Have you dreamed of starting your bakery or restaurant but you're not sure how much the cost would total? Check out this helpful guide from Biz2Credit that explains how much it would cost to start your own restaurant.

"The turnaround time for funding was quick with Biz2Credit," Raza told us. "As soon as they got our information we had a decision - there was no waiting period like I experienced with other lenders."