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Southern New Jersey pizzerias

How One Business Owner Completed his Year-Long Renovation Plan Thanks to Business Financing

Reinaldo Anzola is a real small business success story. The owner of three Southern New Jersey pizzerias, Reinaldo, who goes by Ray, has been running his own restaurants for the last 20 years. Starting off with his own personal savings in 1999 he has opened up more than ten restaurants in total across the state - and he's always done things his own way.

"I really don't like to be tied down to anybody when it comes to my business," Ray told us. "I've got a strategy and I know what it will take to get there. That's why I always look for great new developments and shopping centers where I can start from the ground up with a new restaurant and make it very successful." That strategy has helped Ray open and sell many different pizzerias all around the southern part of the state.

Now, after selling some of his previous locations, Ray is focused on refreshing his older restaurants and restoring them to tip-top shape for the thousands of hungry customers who visit every year.

"My location in Molica Hill is a great example of what the restaurants needed. I wanted the store to look brand new, from front to back. I needed all new walk-in refrigerators, better equipment in the kitchen, a fresh look for the customers with nicer seating and a more organized feel to the whole place," Ray said about the renovation plans.

Although Ray is the type of business owner who always likes to get by on his own steam, he recognized that the projects he was planning to undertake would need outside financing.

"I knew each restaurant would be under renovation for a little while, and I didn't want to deplete any of my past earnings. That's why I decided to look into financing."

Luckily, Ray knew about Biz2Credit thanks to his credit card processing company. He got in touch with the funding specialists to find out what options would be available to him if he were to take on some financing to help with the renovation projects. He was assigned to a funding specialist who went through the entire business plan with him to get him the best deal possible for his restaurants.

"I'd give Biz2Credit a 15 out of 10. Joe, my funding specialist, does a great job. He's always on point and really understands my business. Every time I've worked with him he's come through for me in a big way."

After finishing his application and the financing deal was closed, Ray was calling up the contractors to start the work. He now had additional capital which was going to make the lengthy process of renovating much, much quicker and easier.

The best part for Ray? How quickly he gets to see results.

"I took the financing and right away the contractor got to work on the first restaurant. You should see the store now - it looks brand new."

The flexible financing plan Ray's funding specialist put together for him means that he can also get additional funds if he needs to for his next two renovations. That's going to come in handy as Ray is already planning out the projects at his other locations now that the first renovation is complete.

What makes the biggest difference for Ray about getting funding from Biz2Credit?

As Ray says, "You get the money you need to do your project and you're not suffocating from all the extra fees like you'd get at other places or dealing with a process that drags on for months."

The best part for Ray's business is how quickly he was able to get back to serving customers after the renovation project. Instead of waiting months to get approved or get a contractor started he was able to fix everything in his restaurant all at once. The feeling is definitely sinking in with his customers, who are flocking to Ray's renovated pizzeria like never before.

So with all his experience and successes, what advice does Ray have for other business owners who might be in a similar position, looking to renovate their location?

"You can't get it done if you've got all this pressure weighing on you for months at a time. You need to get funding quickly so you can complete the project and get back to business as fast as you can."

Check out this in-depth guide from Biz2Credit explaining how a construction loan can help you take your small business to the next step.

"I'd give Biz2Credit a 15 out of 10. Joe, my funding specialist, does a great job. He's always on point and really understands my business. Every time I've worked with him he's come through for me in a big way." Reinaldo Anzola