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Marc Molinaro
U.S. Representative(R, NY-19)
Gerg Landsman
U.S. Representative(D, HO-01)
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DEC 11, 2023

Online Forum on Top Small Business Industries with US Congressmen Molinaro and Landsman


Special Event with U.S. Congressmen Insights into the 2023 Top Small Business Industries - A Discussion with U.S. Representatives Marc Molinaro (R, NY-19) and Greg Landsman (D, OH-01).

This Online Forum will give business owners a chance to hear from U.S. Congressman Marc Molinaro (R-NY) and U.S. Congressman Greg Landsman (D-OH), both members of the House Small Business Committee, along with Biz2Credit co-founder, Ramit Arora, one of the country’s leading experts in small business financing, on small business financing and the current state of small businesses in the U.S.

Congressman Molinaro is focused on empowering business owners and removing government burdens, like high taxes and finding ways to combat inflation. Molinaro created the Providing Opportunities to Show Transparency via Information Technology (POST IT) Act, intended to help small businesses understand and comply with complex federal regulations in a simplified way.

Congressman Landsman advocates for children and families, especially those most marginalized. He recently co-authored the bipartisan Child Care Small Business Insight and Improvement Act that would increase government funding for child care small businesses that are faced with financial challenges.

Presenters for the webinar included:
Mark Molinaro
Marc Molinaro
U.S. Representative
(R, NY-19)
Gerg Landsman
U.S. Representative
(D, HO-01)

Discussion topics included:

  • Learn about initiatives the Federal government is considering next that may provide further support to small businesses. 
  • The Congressmen will respond to business owner questions.
  • Hear about the Annual Top Small Business Industries Study from Biz2Credit, including the new data released for 2023.

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