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A Medical Clinic in North Carolina Needed Help Making Payroll

Medical Clinic Needed Help
Funding Need

Medicaid delayed payments to a healthcare practice in Cerro Gordo, North Carolina for nearly four weeks; threatening the owner's ability to make payroll.


Biz2Credit Loan Specialist David Tenpa worked quickly to get this clinic the funding it needed to make payroll. They had cash in the bank 48 hours after first contacting Biz2Credit.

Our Customer's Story

Paul Gerald has owned G&G Healthcare, a primary family medical practice located in Cerro Gordo, North Carolina, for 15 years and two months. Many of his patients use Medicaid, a State and Federal government funded health insurance coverage program, to pay for their medical treatments.

In April and July, North Carolina's Governor McCrory announced some big changes to the Medicaid program in the state. The long term plan is to create a more predictable funding model for the State and taxpayers; a worthy goal. Unfortunately, immediate changes to the program resulted in delayed payments to healthcare providers like Mr. Gerald. In Mr. Gerald's case, almost four weeks of delayed payments.

Many primary care physicians won't accept Medicaid patients because the program has traditionally paid significantly less than private insurance and Medicare. Because many of his patients are on the Medicaid program, Mr. Gerald's medical services are vitally important to Cerro Gordo and the surrounding communities.

The nearly four weeks he went without Medicaid payments took a toll on Mr. Gerald's capital reserves at the practice. When he realized that he might not make payroll for the first time in 15 years, Mr. Gerald contacted his bank about getting an overdraft to hold him over until the payments arrived. Unfortunately, the bank just wasn't moving fast enough.

How Biz2Credit Helped

Biz2Credit Loan Specialist: David Tenpa

Mr. Gerald turned to his payroll management company, Paychex, for advice and they referred him to Biz2Credit as a possible solution to his cash flow problem. Mr. Gerald was skeptical. In order to make payroll, he needed money in his bank account in 3 days or less.

After entering some basic financial information about his firm into the Biz2Credit platform, Mr. Gerald was connected with Biz2Credit Loan Specialist, David Tenpa. David quickly assessed Mr. Gerald's financial history and current capital needs and recommended that Dr. Gerard apply for a loan from one of Biz2Credit's lending partners.

David was able to leverage Biz2Credit's relationship with a big name lender to get Mr. Gerald the cash he needed in 48 hours. He first spoke with Mr. Gerald on Tuesday and by Thursday; the money was in Mr. Gerald's bank account.

Mr. Gerald says that he would recommend Biz2Credit's services to anyone who has a cash flow problem that needs to be solved immediately. "David said money would be there in 48 hours and 48 hours later, there was money in the bank."

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