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Biz2Credit’s CPA Portal Opens Door to New Advisory Services for New Jersey CPA Firm

Ajay Kumar is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) at Sai CPA Services, located in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Sai CPA is a full-service, CPA accounting firm that offers their individual and business clients a variety of specialized services including bookkeeping, payroll, new business setup, sales tax, annual tax preparation, and wealth planning. Kumar’s firm prides itself on its motto, “We are large enough to take care of all of your business needs, yet small enough to pick up your phone call!”
"I could not be happier that Biz2Credit’s CPA Business Funding Portal exists. With Biz2Credit I have a single portal and a dedicated team that is ready to assist my firm at every step of the way. I can do any type of funding, from 5 thousand dollars to 5 million dollars and all within just 1 to 3 days."
Ajay Kumar
Sai CPA Services, East Brunswick, New Jersey

Having been in business for over 20 years, Sai CPA has deep experience when it comes to assisting their clients with tax preparation and planning. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, the amount of customers that were coming in for assistance with tax planning significantly decreased. As Kumar witnessed this steady decrease in clients, he knew that he would need to find a way for his business to pivot, attract new customers, and ultimately bring in more revenue. That is when Kumar decided he would start offering his clients assistance with applying for and receiving financing.

When Sai CPA services first began offering funding assistance to their clients, that meant working with numerous brick-and-mortar banks, sometimes even calling several banks just to try and find a financing option for one client. Subsequently, this meant that the accountants at Sai CPA were having to keep track of numerous accounts and logins for each customer they were advising. This made the process strenuous, and Kumar noted the lack of fluidity that was caused by having to work with so many different funding institutions.

After hearing about Biz2Credit and their CPA Business Funding Portal, Kumar turned to Biz2Credit as their new funding provider. Having a platform that could consolidate all their clients’ information in one place and offer a variety of financing products in just days, alleviated a substantial amount of additional work from their CPA’s days.

"Before Biz2Credit, we were dealing with separate banks, logins, and tracking information for each loan deal. It was a nightmare and ultimately, we were not doing a lot of funding deals because of that system. With Biz2Credit, I have a single login, a single portal, and a dedicated team helping us out at every step of the way."

By having a single login that contained the account of each Sai CPA client, the firm was able to focus its time and energy on providing their customers with a best-in-class accounting experience and not remembering hundreds of passwords. Another major bonus for Kumar was the range of financing products available to him through the Biz2Credit CPA Business Funding Portal, including Term Loans, Revenue-Based Finacing, and Commercial Real Estate Loans.

When asked if he would recommend Biz2Credit to other CPAs, Kumar had nothing but great things to say and reiterated some of his favorite aspects of the Biz2Credit CPA experience.

"I strongly recommend Biz2Credit to all my CPA friends. With their single portal and dedicated team, you now have the option of helping your clients with taxes and offering them all the financing products that Biz2Credit has available. Your clients will be happier, and it will lead to increased business for you. Biz2Credit is a dream come true."

Are you a CPA interested in learning more about the Biz2Credit CPA Business Funding Portal? Visit the CPA Business Funding Portal page to apply for an account. Or are you a small business owner wondering if hiring a CPA might be a smart move for you and your business? Check out this helpful guide on how a CPA can help your small business during tax season and beyond.

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