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Hitting the Road in Search of Small Business Financing

It was “our way or the highway” with the big banks, so The WheelerShip, an automotive wheel distributor, hit the road in their search for expansion funding.

With harsh lending criteria, inflexible documentation requirements and a reluctance to work with small, young businesses, big banks often present a challenge for small business borrowers. 

So where did The WheelerShip turn?  Well, first they did what most of us do – they Googled!  A quick online search for lending solutions for small businesses returned a link to Biz2Credit. 

“We wanted to find out who was lending, and Biz2Credit seemed to have the answers,” says Joe Cannova of The WheelerShip

After completing the Biz2Credit online registration, Joe and his partner were impressed that they were linked to potential lenders on the spot.  A quick follow-up call by Biz2Credit case manager Kendro Benjamin reassured them that they were headed in the right direction. 

“Kendro really explained the process to us," Cannova explained.  "He spelled out exactly what we were going to need and guided us through application process.”

The Wheelership quickly took the next step, gathering their supporting documentation, completing a business plan and submitting their application.

Biz2Credit takes pride in being a support resource to small businesses in their quest for funding.  The Wheelership discovered this as they worked through the process of acquiring expansion capital. 

“Having someone to talk to was really helpful,” continues Joe, “If we had questions, Kendro was there; if the lender had questions, Kendro was there.  We received continual updates on our application status, so we always knew where we stood.”

Cannova was most impressed by Biz2Credit’s willingness to work for his company even before it became evident that he would be able to secure a loan.  “Kendro spent hours working for us and was really looking out for our best interests.  We would never have gotten that kind of service from one of the big banks.

Biz2Credit provides the type of one-on-one support that small businesses value – and in tough economic times, need – in their quest for financing.  Biz2Credit works with a large network of credit unions and banks that are eager to work with small businesses.

"We wanted to find out who was lending, and Biz2Credit seemed to have the answers," says Joe