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Business Expansion

How a Digital Marketing Agency Grew Thanks to Financing from Biz2Credit

Danny Star is the CEO and Founder of Website Depot, a full-service digital marketing, advertising, and consulting agency. Based out of Southern California, Website Depot has been providing its clients strategic marketing solutions since it first opened its doors in 2012. For several years, Star’s small business continued to steadily grow its portfolio of clients, but eventually, Star decided it was time to take the next step and put the growth of his business into overdrive. This is when Biz2Credit came into the picture.
“My favorite part about being a small business owner are the challenges that come with it on a day-to-day basis. Marketing will never be boring for me. You never know what client will need your expertise and the sky really is the limit in this industry." 
Danny Star
Website Depot

“I wanted to be able to offer our services across new cities and states. But I knew that in order to achieve this growth, we needed to attend industry expositions and really establish Website Depot as a premier digital marketing service provider to other states and cities around the country.”

Once Star determined the steps that he would need to take to take his business to the next level, he also realized he would need additional financial help to achieve these key growth objectives. This is when he began to research the different small business financing opportunities that were available to him and his business. After discussing his business goals with a fellow small business owner, he learned about Biz2Credit and the fast, small business financing they offer entrepreneurs just like him. In addition to the quick approval times, Star was drawn to the simpler process that Biz2Credit offers its clients, as he did not want to be forced to deal with the extensive paperwork, personal credit checks, and long wait times that typically come with the traditional bank financing process.

After taking some time to research more about the different small business financing options that Biz2Credit offers its clients, he reached out to Biz2Credit and was put in touch with one of the in-house funding specialists. At this point, Star was able to discuss his needs and explain exactly the type of growth he was looking for his business to achieve. After fully understanding Star’s specific needs, his assigned Biz2Credit funding specialist explained the types of small business financing that would be most appropriate for Website Depot. After discussing his business’s needs and goals, Star got together his recent business bank statements and applied for a revenue-based financing with Biz2Credit.

“There are so many reasons why I’m pleased with my financing experience with Biz2Credit. The staff was friendly, they didn’t have to check my personal credit, their terms were very favorable, and they were, and are, always there for our business’s needs.”

After a few short days, Star received the funds from Biz2Credit directly into his business checking account. Since receiving the funds from his revenue-based financing, Star has been able to finance several strategic decisions that have helped his small business expand dramatically.

“Without Biz2Credit, I would not be able to grow as fast as I have, employ as many people as I am able to, or build the full-scope marketing and advertising firm that we have become today. We have used Biz2Credit for years. Whenever we want to grow the business, we go to Biz2Credit.”

“My favorite part about being a small business owner are the challenges that come with it on a day-to-day basis. Marketing will never be boring for me. You never know what client will need your expertise and the sky really is the limit in this industry."

Are you a small business owner wondering if applying for revenue-based financing might be the right financial move for your business? This in-depth article will explain how revenue-based financing works and how it can give you and your business the financial freedom to achieve your goals. If you are an entrepreneur and ready to take the next step in growing your business and apply for small business financing, contact a Biz2Credit Finance Expert today!

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