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Biz2Credit Helps Entrepreneur Get Into the Franchise of His Dreams

Biz2Credit Helps Entrepreneur Get Into the Franchise of His Dreams

Entrepreneur Harsh Patel relied on Biz2Credit to help him achieve his dream of one day owning and running his own liquor store. Since his partnership with Biz2Credit began, his dream has now become a reality. He currently has three employees.

"Liquor stores have always had a great reputation for success. I wanted to get into a good business venture with a small profit margin", said Harsh when asked what his inspiration was behind becoming an entrepreneur.

Biz2Credit has allowed Harsh to grow his store's business and increase inventory by three times from when he first opened his doors back in 2015. More inventory, of course, meant more profit growth. Being able to match the growing demand of his business is an achievement Harsh is very grateful for, and with the help of Biz2Credit, he continues to see his bottom line increase.

From the day Harsh saw an ad showcasing Biz2Credit's services there was no question that he didn't need to look elsewhere for any other financing partner. He has been happy to share his great experiences with his close friends and family.

Harsh plans on expanding his liquor store chain next year as well as possibly purchasing more real estate with the help of Biz2Credit.

"Commercial real estate transactions comes with their own complexity," says Vishal. "But Biz2Credit made the application process much simpler. Shawn provided guidance every step of the way, and Biz2Credit got us the funding that we needed, quickly and efficiently."