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LIC Deli Gourmet, Inc.

Local Lender for a Local Business: LIC Deli Gourmet, Inc.

Shah Yafi had a clear vision of what he wanted LIC Deli Gourmet, Inc. to be - a full-service restaurant delicatessen in New York City's borough of Queens, which would rival Manhattan's famous Katz' Deli. He had the inspiration, the determination, a solid business plan, and adequate start-up capital. With construction beginning in September 2013 and an anticipated grand opening date of November 2 - the final piece of the puzzle was sufficient operating capital to support the first six months of operations. He turned to Biz2Credit.

"I had my construction and start-up costs," says Yafi, "I just wanted that extra cushion, that peace of mind to open knowing I had enough money to keep things going while I built my customer base." Referred by a friend, Yafi went to the Biz2Credit website and completed the online application. He was called the next day by case manager Angel Fields.

"Yafi wanted a small business loan, not a personal loan. He didn't want to ask family members to cosign - it was his business, and his responsibility," Angel said. After reviewing Yafi's submission, Angel immediately realized the deli met the lending criteria for the Business Center for New Americans (BCNA), . The BCNA is a Community Development Financial Institution and SBA Microlender that supports small business development throughout New York City. LIC Deli Gourmet's desired loan amount was less than $35,000 and it is an approved business type. Thus, BCNA's mission was in perfect alignment with Yafi's business goals.

Yafi explains, "They had their mind set on helping me out. They are 'for the people' and really wanted me to succeed."

With Biz2Credit's assistance, Yafi compiled the paperwork needed to complete the application process: bank statements, credit release form, budgets, and more. Ultimately, Biz2Credit helped Yafi in securing a $25,000 loan for 36 months at a fixed 6% interest rate in just 60 days.

"They were able to find the right kind of lender for me and my business," says Yafi. "Their fees were reasonable; they were determined to help me out. Biz2Credit was the right place to start."

Yafi explains, "They had their mind set on helping me out. They are 'for the people' and really wanted me to succeed."