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Master Franchisee Expands Business

Master Franchisee Expands Business in New York with Unsecured Line of Credit


A Master Franchisee of Metro PCS in operation for six years in Michigan wants to set up a franchisee network in the New York area. The Master Franchisee grosses around $2.0 million annually.

The Need

The Master Franchisee wanted to expand from Michigan to New York, and needed a bank to provide a line of credit against the accounts receivables. Further, this line of credit was to be based on the strength of business in MI. Also, it should increase as the A/R grew with the setting up of sub-franchisees.


Biz2credit reviewed the financial statements of the Master Franchisee. It then used the business and personal tax returns to present the case as a full document deal. This reduced the processing time and paperwork. Biz2credit also got a detailed account receivable aging statement from the accountant in the required format.


  • An unsecured credit line starting at 275K at prime plus 2.
  • Increase in credit line as the business expands in NY area.


  • Business expands in new geographical region.
  • Sub franchisee number goes up.
  • Consolidation of the MI and NY business happens through ACH facility.

Master Franchisee expands Business in new geographical region with an unsecured credit line starting at 275K at prime plus 2.