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New York Liquor Store Gets Another Shot at Success Thanks to Fast Funding from Biz2Credit

Manu Rampal is the owner of East Meadow Wine and Spirits, a beer, wine, and liquor store (BWLS), based out of Long Island, New York. Specializing in high-end wine and spirits from all around the world, Rampal’s family-run business has been a staple in his Long Island community for years.
"During the pandemic, our shop was offering our customers the additional options of both curbside pickup and delivery. This proved to be a great strategy for us, and business quickly and unexpectedly picked up."
Manu Rampal
East Meadow Wine and Spirits

This sudden increase in business that Rampal was facing was not unique solely to his BWLS. According to findings in a report released by Columbia University’s School of Public Health, from March of 2020 to September of 2020, there was a 20 percent increase in alcohol sales at BWLSs across the United States.

With this new increase in demand for his product, Rampal recognized that he had a real opportunity to scale his business, but he lacked the necessary capital to achieve the growth that he knew was possible. The first big step he knew he would need to take would be to increase his inventory to keep up with the demand for his goods. Rampal considered the different financing options that would allow him to purchase more inventory for his store. After discussing this dilemma with a friend, his friend recommended that he look into Biz2Credit and the different types of small business financing that they offer.

“I first found out about Biz2Credit from a friend. After he told me about it, I researched it and decided to give them a call. They picked up right away and listened to exactly what my financial needs were and explained how they thought they would be able to help me.”

Are you an entrepreneur considering opening your own liquor store, but you are not quite sure what type of small business funding is best for you and your business? Check out this helpful guide from Biz2Credit on the best financing for buying or starting a liquor store.

After Rampal discussed his needs with Biz2Credit and learned how they could acquire the funding that he needed, he submitted his application documents and waited to hear a decision. After just 24 short hours, Manu learned that he had been approved for funding. Once he was approved, he received the funds in his bank account in less than 48 hours.

“The whole process with Biz2Credit was unbelievably quick and the quick turnaround time helped me and my business tremendously. I can easily say that the funding from Biz2Credit was the greatest thing to happen to my business.”

Rampal also recounted the pressure that was taken off him after he received his funding from Biz2Credit. By receiving such critical funding and at such a fast pace, Rampal was given the opportunity to grow his business and was able to make it through the demanding times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Listen firsthand to just how critical the funding from Biz2Credit was for Manu Rampal in this client testimonial video where he discusses his experience of getting funded by Biz2Credit.

“I would definitely recommend that other small businesses reach out to Biz2Credit and try their services. I am sure that they will help other small businesses achieve their goals – just like they did mine.”

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