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Starting A Business

Taste of Mumbai: A Dream Come True for Restaurant Owners Joyal Gonsalves and Sarvinder Singh

Joyal Gonsalves and Sarvinder Singh were two entrepreneurs with a vision: to open a restaurant that connects their community with the nostalgic food from their culture. This envisioned restaurant would serve delicious North & South Indian and Indochinese cuisine that embodies the rich South Asian culture in a family-business atmosphere. Gonsalves and Singh embarked on their quest in Hicksville, NY to begin turning their dream restaurant into reality.
Joyal Gonsalves and Sarvinder Singh
“Starting a new business is difficult, and running a restaurant is not a one-person job. You need people who can take responsibility and who can be there both physically and mentally.”
Joyal Gonsalves and Sarvinder Singh
Founding Partner at Taste of Mumbai

The pair soon faced the challenge that most new business owners face, securing funds to cover the costs of starting a business. They first reached out to their local bank to apply for financing to fuel their dream but were unfortunately turned away.

Undeterred, the entrepreneurs researched other financing solutions online and came across Biz2Credit. They submitted an application to the Biz2Credit team. The Biz2Credit funding specialist assigned to their file not only learned about their financial situation but also got to know the two entrepreneurs behind it all. After hearing their story and reviewing their application, Biz2Credit approved their funding application and the doors to Taste of Mumbai opened.

Gonsalves recalls, “It was a surprise that we succeeded in such a short time… Opening a restaurant is complicated, but Biz2Credit made it remarkably simple.”

The funds were primarily used for building renovations, inventory, equipment acquisition, and business promotion. These are crucial aspects of running a business that can be too expensive for small business owners to cover out of pocket without financial assistance. Their 10-year journey to establishing a new restaurant came with many challenges.

“I worked in the restaurant industry for 20 years, and it was my dream to open a restaurant. This dream has come true thanks to Biz2Credit.” – Gonsalves.

It was realized thanks to loyal partners and business relationships, such as their collaboration with the Biz2Credit team. Today, Gonsalves and Singh are serving their South Asian cuisine to large crowds of satisfied customers. They are delighted to see their beloved community come together to their dining area and enjoy the same food they grew up with.

“We are excited to take our business forward and make more people happy. I am lucky to have the opportunity to start and grow a business with a great businessperson like Joyal. Together, along with the Biz2Credit team, we were able to take our business to the next level and continue to grow. This opportunity is all thanks to Biz2Credit.”

Is it your dream to open a restaurant of your own? This in-depth article will explain the top options for restaurant business loans and how it can give you and you the financial freedom to achieve your goals. If you are a small business owner interested in learning about all the several types of financing available to your business, check out this in-depth article from Biz2Credit that explains the best small business loan options. If you are ready to take the next step in growing your business and looking to apply for small business financing, contact a Biz2Credit Finance Expert today!

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