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Wiggins Cleaning & Carpet Service

Wiggins cleaning & carpet service

One of the largest cities in Ohio, Dayton boasts a population of over 141,000 residents and numerous companies, schools, and a major college in the University of Dayton. So when the vast number of buildings and offices in the city must be cleaned and serviced, who do the owners call?

Wiggins Cleaning & Carpet Service responds with the answers.

Due, to his busy schedule and the demands to pay the bills, the owner Jewel Wiggins, was forced to seek a loan. And that task was "difficult," according to the owner of the company, which lists 37 employees and has been in operation since 1993.

But Wiggins discovered Biz2Credit through Paychex and his problems were solved.

"I called Biz2Credit and I was put in contact with Mr. Rony Thomas,'' Wiggins recalled.

"He took me through the steps of applying for a loan. He made
     the process simple and easy to do. Mr. Thomas was very
                        professional.'' - Jewel Wiggins

That process and the loan came at a crucial period.

"They helped me get the loan at a very critical time They took the stress out of meeting payroll obligations when customers were late in paying their invoices," explained Wiggins, whose business received a loan of $27,000.

And that loan allowed Wiggins to concentrate on doing what his business does best -- cleaning.

"The (loan) caused me to be able to focus on other aspects of the business," revealed Wiggins, who happily confirmed that he would recommend Biz2Credit to other businesses that were in the same position as his.

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