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Bison Production Company

Bison Production Company

A textile wholesaler in a rapidly growing Georgia town can start to grow big, too.

Bison Production Company, located 20 miles from Atlanta, opened in 2009 and now lists a staff of eight employees. In order to fill its needs, the company -- a wholesaler and importer of such textile products as body pillows, bed pillow covers, vinyl food contact gloves and various medical supplies -- sought a lender.

According to a Bison Production's finance manager, Bala Kumar, who found Biz2Credit on the internet, helped him secure funds 'within two weeks' of his initial communication.

How's that for production?

"We are using the funding for inventory purchase for future business," Kumar reported.

Kumar gladly endorsed the results of Biz2Credit.

Biz2Credit helped to secure $130,000 in funding and is presently working with the company to secure additional financing.

"They (Biz2Credit) are matched perfectly with our business needs. We would love to recommend Biz2Credit.'' - Bala Kumar

"They gave us correct response and taking care of our needs in a timely manner. We really appreciate their service." -- Bala Kumar, finance manager, Bison Production Company