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CPA and Biz2Credit Build Relationship that Fosters Mutual Success

Why would a financial expert need to work with a financial services company?

CPA Alan Goodman discovered multiple benefits when he discovered Biz2Credit.

Mr. Goodman was in need of funds for office renovations, computer upgrades and marketing materials to promote and expand his accounting practice. His financials were prepared, his reporting all done - and yet he lacked a critical component necessary to complete a bank loan application: the relationships with lending companies and banks that would get his loan funded.

Frustrated by the bottlenecks and dead ends he encountered in dealing directly with the banks, Mr. Goodman sought out the experts at Biz2Credit and signed on as a client. Goodman explains,

"I'm an accountant. I could prepare the financial statements and tax returns. That was all done. But when push comes to shove, it's really about the relationships and the contacts you have at the bank. Biz2Credit had the right contacts, they knew the right people, and they were able to work with them to move my application through the process."

A Biz2Credit advisor analyzed Mr. Goodman's financials and application and was able to make a match with a bank that could fund his loan. Goodman obtained a construction loan to complete his office renovations and a line of credit to use for computer upgrades and ongoing marketing efforts.

Goodman has many small business owners as his clients. Recognizing the benefit that Biz2Credit provided in his own fundraising efforts, Goodman began referring his clients. Biz2Credit has opened doors that would otherwise be closed by providing creative financing options, identifying sources of revenue, and establishing positive relationships on behalf of Goodman's clients.

Additionally, the CPA has solidified his relationships with clients by providing both accounting services and by steering his clients toward an efficient and reliable partner in their success.

Further, Biz2Credit has been able to refer some of its own existing small business clients to Goodman for accounting services and assistance in preparing financial documents. He now works hand-in-hand, helping them prepare their companies for the next level of financial security.

Establishing strong relationships that result in mutual benefit is the cornerstone of the Biz2Credit philosophy. Working together as a team of professionals with the common goal of creating strong, healthy businesses leads to greater success and financial health for all.

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