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Gas Station Owner Uses an Unsecured Line of Credit and Credit Card Receivables to Expand business


An entrepreneur owns and operates three gas stations in Wisconsin. Properties owned include real estate, food stores and gas pumps. All stations accept major credit cards and each conduct an average monthly credit billing of about $100,000. The real estate of gas stations is lien free and valued at around $2 million.

The Need

In order to increase current cash flow, expand the business and improve future profitability the owner needed $300,000 to add a car wash, increase the inventory and for purchase order financing.

Financing Solution

The owner approached Biz2credit for a financial solution. Based on the short-term needs and the past personal and business financial statements, Biz2Credit suggested the owner to take out a cash advance against the credit card receivables. To minimize liabilities and avoid cross corporate guarantees, each gas station was presented as a separate entity. Biz2Credit examined the credit card receivables for each gas station. One gas station had a retail store. The other two establishments included a food joint attached to the retail store. Biz2Credit combined the food and retail credit card receivables of the two gas stations to access a larger cash advance at a lower interest rate for the borrower. The deals closed in 10 days, at no closing cost and no fixed-term.


  • Owner gained access to line of credit within 10 days at no closing cost
  • Annual interest rate was 12 to 13 percent on an estimated two to three year term


  • Credit worthiness improvement
  • Accessibility to more capital
  • No prepayment penalties
  • No closing cost
  • No fixed term
  • Immediate financing for expansion plans
  • No personal guarantee
  • No lien on either personal or business assets

Gas Station Owner gained access to line of credit within 10 days at no closing cost