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Biz2Credit Helps Grace Hospice of Texas Manage Delays in Reimbursements

IHG Hospice Care

Customer Story
Romeo Villarreal co-owner, of IHG Hospice Care in Houston, Texas, needed funding for cash flow and payroll since it takes 45 days before he can submit claims for Medicare.

How Biz2Credit Helped
After finding out his bank would not extend his line of credit, Villarreal found Biz2Credit on Google and secured the funding he needed with help from Biz2Credit.

"Biz2Credit was very sincere in helping me obtain the funding I needed."
-- Romeo Villarreal, co-owner of IHG Hospice Care

Located in Houston, IHG Hospice Care opened in October 2003. The facility is certified and licensed by the State of Texas and is Medicare- and Medicaid-approved hospice agency. Because of the 45-day delay in submitting the claims for Medicare, the business must cover its expenses with money that would be used for cash flow and payroll.

Romeo is a Registered Nurse and has his Associates Degree in Nursing and Science. After finding it very difficult to obtain the funding he needed when his bank would not extend his line of credit, the hospice co-owner found Biz2Credit via a Google search.

Biz2Credit's case manager Kamal Minhas helped him get access to $100,000 short-term bridge loan to help with cash flow and payroll while he waits for the Medicare claims.

"If a small business owner needs the type of cash I needed, I would recommend Biz2Credit," Villarreal said.

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